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The Danish Government is Devoid of Morality

Danish top-politicians are completely devoid of morality. That is what can be concluded after having followed the development through the last couple of years, and the latest incidents from this week confirm this indecency.

Locally we have the so called “imam-package”, where a majority of parliament, from both wings, have created a number of laws, which resemble something they have brought from the totalitarian regimes with which they have good relations. Laws that shall be used to put even more pressure on local Muslims, and which has met fierce criticism from many sides for not only being imprecise, but also for being at odds with the constitution.

The critique however has not affected the pioneers of the package, which was not expected, since the same people, over the last couple of years, constantly have undermined their own values in the fight against Islam and Muslims, who today speak openly about a showdown with international conventions.

Hypocritical and double standard domestic and foreign policy is wrapped up in terms such as “pragmatism” and “realpolitik”, which in reality just means that you are devoid of principles and moral. Participation in war after war, on American order, without reflection or consideration to neither own or others’ citizens, support of numerous dictators across the world, while they speak loudly and paternalistic about democracy and human rights.

Lately it can be mentioned, that the government no longer finds it “realistic” that Bashar Al Assad is removed in Syria, and neither want to uphold their support for war crime tribunal against him. Assad is de facto an allied of the West in Syria, he is the friend they like to call enemy. Probably mostly, because the vast majority in the west not follows their government’s cynical “realpolitik” and poorly hidden friendship with a tyrannical mass murderer.

The Danish foreign minister Kristian Jensen (liberal) recently admitted in an interview, that the Danish war effort in Syria is strengthening the Assad-regime, and said: “…if you are too ideological, we will never closer to a solution.” A solution, which notably, shall secure western interests no matter the costs.

We have always stressed that the ideology itself is flawed, but today politicians do not even bother or have the ability to defend liberalism, and left standing is its naked columns: honor less compromises, double standards and principle less pragmatism.

In 2015, when the roles in Danish politics were reversed, the former foreign minister Martin Lidegaard (Social democrats), that one has to be pragmatic and negotiate with Bashar Al Assad. Back then Søren Pind (liberal) from the opposition, responded that it was “completely devoid of morals” and today they are in government following the same hypocritical policy.

Danish politicians, right or left: You are completely devoid of morals!


Junes Kock

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Scandinavia

Friday 16th Dhul Qi’dah 1437 AH

19/08/2016 CE

No.: 05/16