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The British State Seeks to Silence the Call for Muslim Armies to Liberate Palestine

On Saturday 21st October 2023, two demonstrations outside Muslim embassies in London called upon armies of the Muslim world to intervene militarily, according to the laws of Islamic Jurisprudence, to rescue the people of Gaza.

By the next day the crystal-clear message from those demonstrations, as well as an unprecedented display of solidarity with Palestine on the same day with hundreds of thousands marching against the on-going massacre, had been obscured by the attention on a single word: “Jihad.”

Not content with the conclusion by the police that no crime had been committed at the embassy protests, British government ministers – the cheerleaders for the massacres in Gaza, who have repeatedly restated the ‘absolute’ right of the Zionist occupying power to ‘defend itself’ – intervened in the operational matters of policing, seeking to politicise the criminal justice system.

All of this distracts from the ongoing plight of the Palestinian people, who continue to face a genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Hizb ut Tahrir / Britain will unashamedly continue to call for the official armies of Muslim states to intervene to rescue the people of Gaza according to the laws of Islamic Jurisprudence. Actions of individuals or militias from anywhere cannot solve this problem and we do not call for this. Furthermore, it is both dishonest and disingenuous to imply, as British politicians and their media have, that our call is in any way antisemitic or a threat to individuals belonging to the Jewish faith. Our call is only against the Zionist military occupation in Palestine that is perpetrating the genocide in Palestine.

This state military assault on a civilian population is absolutely a war crime and demands a military response from a neighbouring state to stop the genocide and rescue the people. That is common sense to most people, especially in the Muslim world, where there is incredulity that their governments slavishly follow instructions from Biden, Blinken and Sunak – to do nothing.

The British government and its elite stakeholders deserve to be publicly shamed for lending military, political, economic, and immoral support to this massacre and ethnic cleansing of the people of Palestine.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Britain

Press Release
9 Rabii’ II 1445 – Tuesday, 14th October 2023
No: AH / 05 1445