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Change Mandates Obedience to Allah (swt), Ruling by All that Allah (swt) Revealed through the Khilafah

The Noble Quran narrates the stories of different nations and why they failed. There is one simple reason, they disobeyed Allah (swt). Be it the people of Nuh(as), the people of Lut (as), Aad or Thamud, the issue over which they disobeyed Allah (swt) was different. However, the fact that they disobeyed Allah (swt) was […]

“Babies for Bucks” is yet Another Example of Capitalist Profits are Valued over Humanitarian Morals

On the 8th of July the New York Times reported on the US President’s newest deal making venture that aimed to block the United Nations resolutions to support breastfeeding on an international level, deeming it to be the best method of nurturing the health of newborns. The United States delegation, embracing the interests of infant […]