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Q&A: The Reality of what happened and what is happening in Aden!

Question: What happened and what is happening in Aden? How can there be fighting between Al-Zubaidi’s Council and the Hadi government, although Al-Zubaidi was the governor of Aden appointed by Hadi, and after he was dismissed, he remained in Aden without Hadi’s government taking any action against him, but rather he was gathering his forces […]

The Houthis Call on UAE to Sit with them at the Negotiating Table

The Supreme Political Council, which its leadership is exclusive to the Houthis and is shared with the Conference, has announced on Sunday evening, 21 July 2019, its call on the UAE to sit with them at the negotiating table on the withdrawal of its troops from Yemen. This call for negotiations came under the threat […]

The Houthis Claim Responsibility for the Killing of Abu Al-Yamamah in Aden

On Thursday, 01/08/2019, the commander of the support logistics forces, in the Security Belt forces, Brigadier General Munir al-Saadi, nicknamed Abu Al-Yamamah, was assassinated in a huge explosion that rocked the podium on which he was sitting with other military leaders during a military parade at al-Jala camp in the Directorate of Buriaqa of the […]