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Political Intimidation and Prosecution Will Not Slow Down the Call for Palestinian Liberation

Another member of Hizb ut Tahrir / Denmark has been charged with violating the penal code after giving public speeches calling for the liberation of Palestine. This criminalization attempt is politically commissioned by the Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, who has sent her Minister of Justice to thoroughly trample on the separation of powers and pressure the police and the prosecutor’s office to bring charges against pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

This comes as Western governments and media are under massive popular pressure for their blatant support for the genocide in Gaza. Driven by desperation, political focus is now directed towards Muslims, who are calling for the armies of the surrounding countries to intervene and liberate Palestine militarily, which is the meaning of liberation through jihad.

These charges are not only directed at Hizb ut Tahrir members, but are an attempt to intimidate pro-Palestinian voices in general, and Muslim voices in particular, into silence. Other Muslims have received similar charges, while pro-Zionists openly support genocide without the slightest consequence.

The inconsistency, the lies and the hypocrisy are all to be expected from a terrorist-sympathizing government.

Political intimidation attempts and prosecution will never slow down our calling. It is an honor and an Islamic duty to call for the liberation of all of Palestine. Military occupation is resolved with military liberation. Nothing in Hizb ut Tahrir’s messages can be perceived as either hatred of Jews or calls for attacks on arbitrary Jews. It’s about occupation, not Judaism.

Hizb ut Tahrir / Denmark calls on all Muslims, and all people with dignity and decency intact, to continue the call for the total liberation of Palestine from the brutal Zionist occupation, and to intensify the public expressions of opposition to the Danish government’s inhumane policy.

It is a badge of honor when our members come under attack for standing on the side of Palestine, on the side of the children and civilians, against a government that supports genocide and the mass killing of women and children. While all the alleged “values” of the West, such as freedom, humanism and human rights, lie buried in the ruins of Gaza, we find in Islam true values that will never allow us to be silent in the face of occupation, oppression and massacres. No amount of desperate attempts at intimidation can change that.

We will never allow ourselves to be cowed into silence.

Elias Lamrabet
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Denmark

Press Release
16 Jumada I 1445 – Wednesday, 29th November 2023
No: 08 / 1445