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Penalty for “Hojiziyarat”

A 61-year-old resident of the Sangvor district was fined by the court for conducting the “Hojiziyarat” ceremony (honoring the pilgrims who returned from Mecca). Asia-Plus informed about this.

It turned out that in early February a resident of one of the district’s villages, after returning from Hajj arranged a solemn event in honor of this, to which he invited more than 20 people. For which he was fined more than 6,000 somoni.

According to the law on streamlining traditions, celebrations and rituals, such events are prohibited in Tajikistan. Most of the rites and celebrations, according to this law, should be carried out only in the family circle with the participation of a certain number of people. Some are completely banned.

Recall that the authorities of Tajikistan have done everything to prevent the inhabitants of the country from once again gathering even in their circle of close friends and acquaintances.As a rule, any meeting of close people gives rise to a discussion on a particular topic, and even more, so a meeting in honor of the return from the sacred Kaaba strengthens the spiritual atmosphere in society, due to which the Rahmon regime banned all uncontrolled gatherings.

Moreover, according to the statements of the authorities, they do not plan to slow down in the fight against Islam. Thus, the Prosecutor General of Tajikistan Yusuf Rahmon, speaking at a meeting of the working group of the Government of Tajikistan in the city of Kanibadam, noted the growth in the number of young people in the Sughd region “replenishing the ranks of dissidents and various movements whose activities are prohibited in the country”. According to the Prosecutor General, offenses related to the so-called terrorist and extremist activities in the north of the country increased by 17.5%. “Most of all in the country, such cases were registered in the cities of Kanibadam and Isfara”, – Yusuf Rahmon emphasized. He also touched upon the issue of receiving religious education abroad, “6 residents of the city of Isfara and two residents of Kanibadam are currently receiving illegal religious education abroad”, – the Prosecutor General said.

Muhammad Mansour