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It’s Time to Realize the Best Type of Jihad!

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said “countries throughout the region as well as countries around the world want to work with the US and looking for American leadership in the crisis.” This includes, according to Blinken, even the countries that may disagree with the US, and that the US is more determined than ever to ensure that.[Source: Anadol Ageny]

These words of the US Secretary of State are once again clear evidence of the betrayal of Erdogan and the rulers of other Muslim countries. This is just one evidence out of the many evidences. We have witnessed similar statements made by the kafir colonialists before, about the solution to the oppression in Syria, Afghanistan, East Turkestan, Kashmir and other Islamic lands. Even without these statements, the deeds and the idleness of the rulers in our lands are enough proof of their betrayal.

The leaders of all Islamic countries, with Erdoğan in the forefront, are definitely not on the same side with the sincere children of the Islamic Ummah. They are on one side, the Ummah is on the other… Their desires and efforts are towards one direction, the Ummah’s desires and efforts are towards another direction… Their goals and the goals of the Ummah do not coincide at all. Erdoğan, just like other leaders, does not respond to the demands of the Ummah, yet demands that the arch-enemy of Islam takes action regarding Gaza. This is because, like all other puppet and traitor rulers, he does not look after the interests of Islam and the Muslims, but aims at upholding the interests of the kufr states and powers. He and the other rulers regard these colonialists as the only law maker. Their chosen leader is not the Prophet (saw), but the enemies of Islam. This is the reason why they ignore the Islamic provisions and seek solutions and leadership from the hangman of the Islamic Ummah. They have only one duty, and that is to keep the grandchildren of the Ottoman Khilafah in captivity, to terrorize the scholars and imams who speak the truth, to keep the armies captive in cells called barracks, and to guard our lands that the infidels have turned into open-air prisons.

As a matter of fact, while the Ummah and her sincere scholars and imams in Turkey and other Islamic countries (e.g. Saudi Arabia) are calling for the armies to take action against the occupying Zionists, these oppressors leave them helpless and alone. They apply all kinds of oppression to silence the scholars, who advise the Ummah to the truth and encourage them to act according the solutions of Islam. They carry out policies of harassing, intimidating and silencing them by exposing them to the lynching campaigns by the enemies of Islam, suspending them from their duties, and even arresting them. While the Muslim people boycott “Israeli” products, the AKP administration led by Erdogan ships tons of products (from steel to food) to the occupying Zionist entity every day.

However, the jihad fought by the Muslims in Gaza, their faith, submission, patience and resistance in face of the occupation and massacre thwart the schemes of these treacherous and cruel rulers. While Muslims in Gaza are fighting with their hands against the murderous enemy, Muslims in Turkey and other parts of the world are also fighting against these oppressions with their tongues. Those who cannot afford this at least reveal the hatred in their hearts by boycotting any products linked to the Zionist entity. And there is no power that can stop them from this jihad. For their leader is neither the kafir America nor the puppet rulers who serve them… Their leader is Muhammad Mustafa (saw), the Prophet and Messenger of Allah (swt), who was sent as a mercy to the worlds. And he (saw) said:

«أفضل الجهاد كلمة عدل عند سلطان جائر»

“The best type of Jihad (striving in the way of Allah) is speaking a true word in the presence of a tyrant ruler.”(Abu Dawud, Tirmizi, an-Nasai, Ibn Majah)

It was narrated from Tariq bin Shihab that, a man asked the Prophet, when he had put his leg in the stirrup: “Which kind of Jihad is best?”  He said:

«كَلِمَةُ حَقٍّ عِنْدَ سُلْطَانٍ جَائِرٍ»

“a word of truth spoken before an unjust ruler.” (An-Nasai)

Therefore, O Muslims! While your brothers are doing jihad in the Blessed Land of Palestine, will you stay away from this best of deeds? These cruel, treacherous, corrupt rulers will definitely put harsh pressure on you. However, if you and we do not fulfill this most virtuous jihad, Allah (swt) will not send His Nusrah. This Nusrah, are the sincere men of weapons within the armies. It is only possible to repel and punish the kufr forces, who united against Islam and the distinguished children of the Ummah, through the means of the Khilafah State, which governs with the Quran and Sunnah. This state will unite all Muslim lands and peoples under one roof again and establish an army of unprecedented size and power, consisting of mujahideen whose hearts are full of faith. This state is the Second Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) that will be established according to the Method of Prophethood. While it is obligatory for every Muslim to bury these cruel and treacherous rulers in the dark pages of history and call out to the people of Nusra to aid the religion of Allah for the sake of this great victory, this obligation lies much greater upon our scholars. So, while they speak out the truth, fearing no blame from anyone, we will surely not leave them alone and helpless against these oppressive rulers. For we aim to witness how Allah’s promise comes true for us and all of humanity. Therefore, It’s Time Now to Realize the Best Type of Jihad against the oppressive and treacherous rulers!

Zehra Malik