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Growing anti-Muslim Prejudice is a Result of Secular Liberal Ideology and Politics

An Essential Research poll released yesterday found 49% of Australians support a ban on Muslim immigration primarily due to “fears of terrorism” and the belief that Muslims don’t share “Australian values” or integrate. Whatever the accuracy of this particular poll, there is little doubt that anti-Muslim sentiment is growing throughout the West.

Hizb ut Tahrir Australia emphasises the following in this regard:

  1. The hardening of anti-Muslim sentiment is alarming but hardly surprising. It is the obvious and expected result of a 15 year politically motivated campaign to encourage hatred and suspicion of Islam and Muslims. A campaign instigated by mainstream politicians and dutifully carried by the mainstream media. A campaign that used terrorism as the excuse to implant the false idea that Islamic beliefs were the cause of violence, so Islam itself was the suspect and needed reform. For fifteen years straight all things Islam have been abused as a political football by politicians and demonised in the media. For fifteen years straight Islam and Muslims have been viewed squarely through the prism of national security, terrorism, values and integration. What other result can we possibly expect?
  2. The irony is that in the last decade and a half two Muslim countries were invaded and destroyed by western powers, the Arab uprisings exploited for western benefit to devastating effect as in Syria, dictators were propped up and supported in the Muslim world, all sorts of abuses committed in the like of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, yet somehow those who have been the worse victims are now considered the problem. Indeed, those who lost everything and were forced to seek refuge elsewhere are seen as most suspect. This is the logic of blind prejudice fostered by narrow political agendas.
  3. While the far right has become the face of this open prejudice, to focus critique on it would be to miss the mark. It is the mainstream of politics that created the social and political environment that fosters suspicion and hate of Islam, which those on the “fringe” exploit. The path for the open prejudice of the likes of Pauline Hanson is paved by the agendas and policies of the likes of John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbot and Malcolm Turnbull. The latter scapegoat the former – recent comments at the UN by President Obama and PM Turnbull on refugees being a case in point – while it is their policies that are the core of the problem. That is where our critique must be focused.
  4. What we have here, ultimately, is the remarkable failure of the secular liberal paradigm and its resultant politics. An ideology which encourages selfishness and individualism, the relegation of the spiritual, the primacy of the material, the commericalisation of everything, and the division of humanity into arbitrary “nations”, each motivated by its own narrow “national interest”. The result is a world of powerful nations exploiting weaker nations by whatever means they can, in each of which the elite classes exploit the masses by whatever means they can. The prevailing political systems, thoroughly corrupted by the influence of corporations, have no solutions to real human problems faced by the masses, in whom the lowly sentiment of nationalism and patriotism is always latent. The result of scapegoating one minority or another is predictable.
  5. In this context, Muslims have a formidable challenge. We must not only face increasingly hate and prejudice with the nobility that Islam demands but we must do so while on the front foot. Going insular and defensive is not an option for us, for such is entirely out of sync with the noble prophetic way. We must be on the front foot, critiquing the mainstream ideology and system and showing how Islam alone, far from being the problem, is the need of the time. We must move beyond the narrow politics of self-image and compromise to a politics of truth, resistance of oppression and leadership of humanity.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Australia

Thursday, 20th Dhul Hijjah 1437 AH

22/09/2016 CE

No.: 02/16

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  1. The western liberal ruling elites, politicians and mainstream media and NGOs are the WORST enemies of islam and true muslims, far worse than the right-wing nationalists. Because with the right-wing nationalists, at least they admit their enmity to islam and muslims. But the “regressive left” liberals are trying to sabotage and destroy islam from the inside while pretending to support islam and giving lip service to protecting us from “islamophobia”. They use their disgusting “duopoly” tactic to artificially divide islam into their two arbitrary groups just like how Sykes-Picot divided our land 100 years ago.

    1) the “moderate interpretation of islam”, a.k.a “good islam” or “politically correct islam”. = LGBT sodomism, destruction of traditional family values and tight-knit society, radical feminism, materialistic consumer culture, promotion and normalization of haram e.g. flirting dating romance sex out of marriage, acceptance of secularism/liberalism/democracy/capitalism/nationalism, and rejection of shariiea-jihad-caliphate and rejection of “conspiracy theories”, and support of western civilzation and wars against “islamic terrorism”. The heroes and role models of this “good islam” are Majid Nawaz and his Quilliam foundation, Irshaad Manji, Zuhdi Jasser, Tarek Fatah, Raheel Raza, Sadiq Khan and Amina Wadud etc.

    2) The “radical/extreme interpretation of islam”, a.k.a. islamists, aka “bad islam”= Shariiea, Jihad, Caliphate, traditional family-based society, religious-spiritual culture, and rejection of western liberal model of civilization and wars, and acceptance of “conspiracy theories” such as the existence of false flag and hoax terror attacks. This group as we know is in fact the ONLY REAL islam acceptable to Allah, the first group I mentioned above being MUNAAFIQ infiltraitors. All the false flag and hoax terror attacks staged by the liberal-controlled police and intel agencies are blamed on this second group. This second group is banned and its followers are persecuted and demonized as you have experienced in many countries, which means that this second group (including Hizbuttahrir) are on the Haqq or very close to it.

    The liberal elites side with the first group (which appears identical to them) and force all muslims to join that first group and reject and demonize or persecute the second group. Unfortunately many of our fellow muslims have fallen for their trap which would not have happened under right wing nationalist governments. This is why I think the fitna that we face in the west is probably bigger and worse than the one you face in places like Central Asia. Who is worse, an enemy who openly declares enmity to you, or an enemy who gives lip service to allowing islam but discreetly tries to pervert your people and ideology without anyone realizing? The right wing nationalists are like Abu Sufyan or Abu Leheb or Abu Jehell. But the regressive left liberals and their pretend-muslim puppets are the modern day Abdullah bin Ubayy. Internal Munaafiqs are worse than external Kuffar. We, the aware true muslims should expose this liberal agenda to degrade and destroy islam from the inside before more vulnerable muslims fall for their trap thinking that group 1 above is the true islam.

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