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Forced Cremation of Muslim COVID-19 Victims in Sri Lanka: How Should We Respond?!

In April this year, the Sri Lankan government issued a regulation mandating that all those dying from Covid-19 or who were positive for the virus upon death had to be cremated, regardless of their religious beliefs, citing baseless public health concerns as their reason for this policy. Since April, dozens of Muslims in Sri Lanka have been cremated. Understandably, there is much fear within the Muslim community in Sri Lanka today, who have faced violence, demonisation and discrimination within the society for many years. Now, they cannot even perform the final religious rites of their loved ones in peace. This panel discussion addresses how Muslims should respond to this anti-Muslim cremation policy as well as the various forms of injustices that Muslims in Sri Lanka have been suffering from for years.

Saturday, 04 Jumadal Awwal 1442 AH – 19 Decemebr 2020 CE