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Close “The Boulevard,” the US Air Corridor into Afghanistan via Pakistan!!

“The Boulevard” allows the US to conduct air force missions in Afghanistan, including the drone attack on Kabul of 29 August 2021, which martyred six children. United States Central Command (US CENTCOM) has forward headquarters at Al Udeid Air Base, Doha, Qatar. US drones and military aircraft fly from Qatar to Kabul via the air corridor provided by Pakistans rulers, which US Air Force pilots call “the Boulevard.” Air-to-air refuelers continuously fly in the Boulevard, to refuel the murderous US military aircraft.


Friday, 03 Safar 1443 AH – 10 September 2021 CE

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  1. AbdulBaseer Ahmed says

    Pakistan government is equally guilty of war crimes against the Ummah as much as the US government.

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