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Answer the Call: Stand for Palestine’s Liberation

Today, in the heart of London, Hizb ut Tahrir / Britain orchestrated a powerful public gathering. Hundreds of passionate Muslims from across the UK united under the banner of ‘Answer the Call: Liberate Palestine.’ The speakers at this event conveyed the following vital messages:

1. Beyond Borders: The Zionist Entity and Colonial Responsibility

The Zionist entity stands as a testament to historical colonial machinations. These powers, driven by their interests, carved out a new state (an aircraft carrier in the words of a recent Presidential candidate) in the heart of the Middle East. The consequences have been devastating: dispossession, displacement and ongoing genocide.

2. Shared Struggle: Artificial Nation-States and Puppet Rulers

The same colonial playbook has unfolded across the Muslim world. Artificial nation-states emerged, their borders drawn with little regard for ethnic, linguistic, or cultural realities. Puppet rulers were installed to maintain control, ensuring that the colonial legacy persisted. These rulers, have done nothing to help the people of Palestine despite their abundance of military, energy and control of key waterways.

3. Rejecting Illusions: Fallacy of the Two-State Solution

The two-state solution, once hailed as a path to peace, now reveals its flaws. It is an American-backed illusion, designed to serve geopolitical interests rather than justice. The reality on the ground is stark: settlements and apartheid expand, Palestinian land shrinks, and hope dwindles. True resolution demands a departure from this worn-out script. It requires envisioning a future where all inhabitants – Jews, Muslims, and Christians – coexist in justice, equality and dignity. This can only be achieved by the Khilafah (Caliphate) which has a 13-century track record.

4. Divine Duty: Liberation as an Islamic Obligation

For the Muslim Ummah, Palestine is not merely a political issue; it is a sacred duty. Our faith compels us to stand against oppression, to resist occupation, and to liberate occupied lands. The professional armies of Muslim-majority countries must awaken from their slumber. Their intervention is not aggression; it is a righteous response to protect the vulnerable and uphold justice.

5. Unyielding Hope: Drawing Strength from History

Palestinians endure daily hardships – the checkpoints, the walls, the loss of loved ones. Yet, history reminds us that struggles against injustice have yielded victory. From Andalusia to Algeria, from India to Indonesia, Muslims have faced adversity and emerged triumphant. With unwavering faith and divine guidance, we believe that justice will prevail, and Palestine will be free.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Britain

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10 Jumada II 1445 – Saturday, 23rd December 2023
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