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You Cannot Tell If It Is the Ministry of Family or a Law Office

The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Security Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, made a statement about the sexual abuse of a 5-year-old child in Istanbul. Minister Selçuk stated in her tweet that a specialized team is charged after the incident, and a clinical psychologist will stay 24 hours with the child and the family. Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, who said that they will follow hard on the issue and take part in the case as a ministry, emphasized the “zero tolerance” principle with these words: “We will follow the judicial process closely so that the perpetrator gets the heaviest punishment, and take part in the cases.”


When a 5-year-old girl was raped by a pervert in Istanbul Küçükçekmece last week, the subjects of child abuse and sexual abuse have taken their place on Turkey’s agenda again. This subject has become such an ordinary subject, that the media, civil society and official institutions present rape by softening it with “abuse”. Actually, this is a serious problem and it has to be solved; total preventative measures have to be taken. However, in Turkey, the public opinion as well as the political power are incompetent and unsuccessful with regard to solving this problem. Every time it’s brought to agenda, slogans like “let’s sterilize the rapists”, “let’s execute them” or “let’s give these pedophilia perverts psychological treatment” are shouted. However, it is only being talked about, that’s it.

In order to solve the problem, first you have to identify what causes the problem. It is needed to identify what causes this sexual perversion problem. Does it arise from individuals or from the secular system? I am going to give some examples and statistics from secular capitalist Western countries, where this perversion is widespread.

According to the report of UNICEF published in November 2017, in 28 European countries, 2,5 million women were exposed to sexual abuse before the age of 15. In Australia, 50 thousand child abuses occur per year. In Switzerland with a population of 10 million, 11 thousand children are exposed to sexual abuse.

In England, more than 16 thousand child abuse, neglect and violence incidents occur each year. In Russia, about 10 thousand child abuse incidents occur each year. In the US, where the death sentence is being applied, one out of 8 women is raped per year. What about Turkey? The situation here is not so different. 8 thousand children are sexually abused in Turkey per year. As one can see, the situation is very desperate, and the issue is deeper than the perversion of individuals. The source of the matter is the system itself.

Well, this being the case, what’s the Ministry of Family and Labor doing? It takes part in cases of rape victims for their benefit. In other words, it does something like working as a lawyer at the court, so that the victim is proved right and the rapist gets a severe penalty. And what’s the Ministry of Interior doing? It places cameras all over the streets, so that murderers, rapists cannot move freely or even if they reach their goals, they can catch them easily.

The problem arises from this secular democratic system; it is the result of the Western laws and systems you implement, the result of your Western education system, and the obscene media language flowing 24 hours a day. In other words, you are the cause of the problem. I am appealing to the Minister of Family and Labor: it is due to your support for the social laws, that thousands of fathers who married and started a family at an early are imprisoned. You have destroyed families, made children miss their fathers, whom you treated as rapists.

And you want to prevent sexual abuse and child abuse with these legal regulations? Well, this is the heavy toll on the Muslims for ignoring the laws of Allah, and distancing from Islam and affiliating with the West. Children cannot play outdoors; women cannot walk freely in public spaces; the number of mothers going mad and murdering their children and the number of children murdering their parents increases.

Do you have a suggestion that will solve these problems fundamentally? Do you have a project that will solve these problems? The solution does not lie in the Western laws. The solution lies in Islam. The solution is the implementation of the systems of Islam. And the state which will implement those systems is not the secular democratic Republic of Turkey. It is the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate), which is based on the Islamic Aqeedah.


Mahmut KAR

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Turkey