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Views on the News – 5 Oct 2016


  • 3rd Wave of Attacks on East Aleppo
  • Pakistan could Hurt the US
  • One of last three remaining Hospitals in Syria Hit


3rd Wave of Attacks on East Aleppo

This week we saw continued air strikes on the Aleppo. The core target of these strikes seemed to be the main trauma M10 Hospital in the rebel-held east of the city. So far three maintenance workers have been amongst those killed; the total number of casualties remains unclear. Adam Sahloul of the Syrian American Medical Society, which supports the M10 hospital, reported that ‘One bunker-busting bomb had left a 10m-deep (33ft) crater outside the front entrance, and there were fears the rest of the building might collapse.’ Hundreds have been killed over the past two weak post government offensive to take back control of the city. The US have suspended negotiations with Russia, after claiming that Moscow had in fact, increased bombardment of civilian targets. It is clear that the negotiations made not too long ago between the two have fragmented, rather too easily. In fact the lack of admonishment over Russia’s recent attacks, is certainly indicative of the international community and its position. In any case, more Muslims continue to die amidst the competition to seize Syria, whilst the ‘great’ powers of the Muslim world remain idle onlookers.


Pakistan could Hurt the US

Despite two rounds of democratic elections in Pakistan, it is the military that wields the real power in the country, particularly on core matters of defence, national security and foreign policy, a top American think-tank expert has said. “Despite two rounds of democratic elections and eight years of civilian government, the military remains Pakistan’s most dominant national political institution, the primary decision-maker on core matters of defence and foreign policy, and the chief steward of Pakistan’s growing nuclear arsenal,” Daniel Markey from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a Congressional hearing. “Pakistan permits and at times has enabled the US to wage a counterterror drone campaign over parts of its territory and, even at times of deep bilateral discord, to continue flying personnel and arms across Pakistani airspace into Afghanistan. Neither side has been eager to publicise these areas of cooperation, but even American skeptics must admit their utility,” he said. But the most interesting part of his hearing was: “Air corridors are readily closed and drones are easy to shoot down, so if Pakistan had really wanted to end what in 2009, then-CIA Director Leon Panetta called the “only game in town in terms of confronting and trying to disrupt the al-Qaida leadership,” or to further complicate the US war effort in Afghanistan, it could have done so without breaking much of a sweat. It still could,” Markey said.


One of last three remaining Hospitals in Syria Hit

On Sunday 2nd October, the Syrian regime with the help of Russia struck one of the three remaining hospitals in Syria.  This was following other assaults in emergency centres and the destruction of the last remaining maternity unit in Europe.  Whilst international powers cry for humanitarian aid to get into Syria, this is far from the solution.  The USA discussed their response as a “need to review options” with Russia responding to blames by warning the US from taking action. These are both stall tactics which do nothing but ensure Assad’s advance into Aleppo with reports of Shia militias currently gathering just outside Aleppo city.