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Ugandan Government Mafia Kills Thousands of Children by Stealing Free Medicine for Re-sale

On the 17th of June 2019 the BBC unveiled an undercover journalist investigation into the organized theft of Ugandan medicines. These government supplies are stock piled in various hospitals and medical centres to be given out FREE to needy Ugandans who cannot afford lifesaving medical care. This system is only available while stocks exist, otherwise patients must pay for the private services for treatment. The news story proved widespread corruption at every social level including the highest ranking officials in the Department of Health that have the right to approve ordering more medical supplies than needed, in order to re-sell the excess on the black market. The original packaging is removed to conceal serial numbers and labels marked “NOT FOR SALE”.


Malaria is one of the world’s greatest medical challenges killing millions of people annually. Many of the women and children are entitled to free access to anti-malarial drugs but this heartless government officials have personally abused their power by stealing these and many other types of drugs. The market is said to be worth more than the gold trade. Thousands of citizens and many have walked for days to reach medical centers in the hope of saving the lives of their children, only to be told that there are no free drugs left. Health care workers tell heartbreaking stories of preventable deaths that they cannot justify. These merciless leaders have the blood of the nation of their hands and are completely unaccountable for their crimes. They have a widespread network of people helping them and a decaying corrupt infrastructure that cares nothing for leadership and moral obligation. The Capitalist mentality of money over morals rules all our Muslims Lands where similar acts of inhumanity exist, be it theft of food aid, charity money or natural resources. This system of self-interest can never end unless a comprehensive change takes place where the worthless colonial leaders are removed and replaced by a sincere Islamic leadership under the Khilafah. Contrast these horrific stories of theft with the care and concern to deliver aid to the needy that was organized under the previous Khalifahs.


Imrana Mohammad