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Turkey’s Political Paradox

  1. Minister of Interior Affairs, who attended to the meeting organized by Ozcelik Workers Labor Union, affiliated to HAK-IS Trade Union Confederation, said: “One of the most important states in the world, the United States, was helping Syria’s Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) on the one hand. Can I tell you another place it is providing aid? The LGBT Community. The United States is providing $22 million to LGBT community in Ankara. Do I need to talk here? What we are dealing with and what current we are facing with. Is it necessary for me to say that real goal is belief, identity and existence in this land?” source? (The Independent Turkish; Ahval)


What Soylu, Minister of Interior Affairs, says does not mean anything in terms of value, as it is necessary for words to be supported by deeds to make sense in both the political arena and in the sight of our Lord, Allah. Above written words, said by Minister Soylu, is in fact proof for paradoxical attitude of rulers towards their people. Believe that these words cannot be explained rather than cheating people and mocking their feelings  by playing to the crowd. This is exploiting people’s anger towards the US for its own politics. In short, it is deceiving people, as what is said and done are far from each other. What is said is in one valley, what is done is in another. The attitude exhibited is paradox from the top down.

O Rulers!

No matter how much you embellish your words, engage in demagoguery, your deeds have mirrored you to date and will continue to do so. You know what they say, “actions speak louder than words”.

For instance, you have shown how pointless and contrived your verbal duels were by fulfilling what America wants in Syria.

Yes, you have a political view based on demagoguery and lies. However, the Syria-policies once again revealed your lies-based politics. Especially, Sochi, Astana meetings and events in Syria field have revealed your true intention and politics that you hid with a mask of lies. And there is nothing beneficial for Islam and Muslims in your true politics that you are trying to cover up with lies.

Is your friendship with America not entirely a paradox, whilst criticizing its cooperation with the YPG/PYD?

Just before your critics to America for its support both for YPG and LBGT, Turkey’s Vice President, Fuat Oktay, and US Vice President, Mike Pence, exchanged ideas in regional topics, particularly, in Turkey-US relationships. Isn’t this inconsistency in principles and politics?

Or it is not long now before, a few years ago, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Mevlut Cavusoglu, said that we would not be vexed with America due to the PYD issue. Isn’t it enough to show real intentions and paradoxical politics that Turkish politicians follow?

Turkey does not have politics independent of those developed in US. You also know this very well. When we look at politics put forward rather than what is said, it will be seen that, as in Operation Euphrates Shield and Operation Olive Branch, in most of the times Turkey is looking after America’s interests rather than its own. If you argue against, go ahead, “put your money where your mouth is.” When examined, Operation Euphrates Shield stopped (has been stopped) when it come close to Munbic (Manbij), that is, Turkey abided US red line! You can only resist America with words lack of actions or at least, you pretend to be. Is that so?

Or how to explain your government’s support for years to LGBT community, supported by America now. This exact case shows that your politics is based on lies and paradox. There is no dark cover to the eye that sees; what can the light do to the eye that does not want to see?

Therefore, while condemning the US for holding cooperation with terrorist organizations, it is inconsistent and dirty politics to maintain close relations with USA, the most ferocious terrorist state in the world. In Sharia, it is not acceptable.

It is strange from the top  down to follow paradoxical politics. Building your politics on lies is Haram. In short, no matter where you hold, it remains unsold.

In conclusion, this Ummah does not deserve to be ruled by those whose attitudes contradict with that they say and who exhibit paradoxical attitudes. This Ummah is most beneficial Ummah for humanity. This Ummah was ruled by Khulafah for centuries who ruled by the rule of Allah (swt) and let alone make friendship, they had dignified stance against unbelievers. In the near future, instead of rulers who have friendship with unbelievers and stall off Muslims with their words, there will be Rashid Khulafah that Rasulullah (saw) harbingered.

Written by Abdullah İmamoğlu