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Trade Unions are Subcontractors of Capitalist Powers and Capital

During the seventh term Public Collective Agreement negotiations involving approximately 4 million civil servants and 2.5 million civil servant retirees, no compromise was reached between the Public Employer Delegation and the Civil Servant Union on the rate of increase. (News agencies)

In response to this offer of Memur-Sen, who wants a total increase of 70 percent for 2024 and 40 percent for 2025, the government had offered a total increase of 25 percent for 2024 and a total increase of 11 percent for 2025.

After the negotiations between the Public Employer Committee and the Civil Servant-Sen failed to reach a compromise on the rate of increase to be made to civil servants and civil servant pensioners, the Arbitration Committee of Public Servants stepped in to determine the rate of increase to be made.

The Arbitral Tribunal of Public Servants, consisting of 11 members, makes its decisions by a majority of votes and the decision it makes cannot be appealed.

However, the austerity policy has been adopted by the government in the economy, and the inflation expectation for the end of 2024 has been announced by the Central Bank as 33 percent. Memur-Sen is aware that the demand for a 70 percent increase in civil servants’ salaries for 2024 will not be realized.

He is aware because the capitalist order that exploits the worker, the employee, the worker knows best that the task of the unions, invented by the unions against the danger of socialism, is to get the workers and civil servants to accept the wage offers of the capitalist powers and employers.

For this reason, they will convince the civil servants to increase the rate to be determined by the government through the Arbitration Committee by pretending to negotiate.

They will also try to show the public and civil servants that they have achieved this increase rate as a result of their struggle against the government, and therefore that trade unions are indispensable institutions for obtaining and protecting the rights of workers and civil servants.

The capitalist order is an order of exploitation dominated by the owners of capital.

The owners of the capital protect their interests through the authorities and trade unions. From this point of view, there is no difference between socialist trade unions and other trade unions. All the trade unions are subcontractors of the capitalist powers and capital.

Thus, workers and civil servants can never get what they deserve through trade unions in a capitalist system based on exploitation.

Workers, civil servants and owners of labour can only receive the reward they deserve by the decrees of Allah, Who is just.

For this purpose, unless we get rid of capitalist powers, unions that subcontract capital and power, and implement Islam and make the provisions of Islam dominate the working life, there will be no income and life at a welfare level for workers, civil servants, and labourers.

Remzi Ozer – Wilayah Turkey