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Today, why we as Muslims need to work to establish Khilafah more than ever

There is widespread momentous call for the divide and segregation of Muslims worldwide, their land, their resources, their belief and unity yet on the other hand is there is a rise is alliances and coalitions from Western nations and their agent regimes in their unity against the Ummah. A call for unity for the West against Islam under various acronyms and aliases all shoved under the umbrella of the “WAR on TERRORISM”.

Short reasons why we as Muslims need a Khilafah – the political entity of Islam – to protect and preserve Muslim blood and lives.

  1. Political situation: The political situation worldwide is veered to demonizing Muslims and cornering them to become defendants for their belief system and values. When the media reports on any crime, pressure is thrust upon the Muslim communities to defend Islam and to make them condemn the person(s) before the facts of the incident are proven in totality and objectively. If they refuse to fall for the warped propaganda, they are viewed with suspicion and rebellion by wider society. And they may be susceptible to surveillance and arrest for voicing their concerns loudly and openly be it through talks or social media, as that is a privilege afforded to non-Muslims and even that is debatable depending on the country as it is also limited to white non-Muslims in some countries.
  2. Conflict War Zones i.e. Muslim countries under direct and indirect occupation be it for materialistic gains or ideological suffocation so only capitalism is seen as the solution and not the root cause of evils. The end defines the means for imperial colonization over the Muslim lands, nothing off limits from internationally banned use of weapons and chemical warfare, the red line is pushed aside time and time again. International forums and courts pull no bearing for stopping war criminals in Muslim lands on the contrary they are propped up and invoked to negotiation tables with full official credibility. Islam is targeted openly and covertly with the guise that it provokes its followers to uprise and reject “western values and rights”.
  3. Appalling Economic situation: Deliberate manufactured poverty, illicit use of government funds in Muslim countries, appropriation of natural and manufactured resources siphoned into privatized foreign corporations leaving little profits for the raw material producing country and their native citizen workers. Forcing elders, women and children into slave–like conditions to churn out profits for their bosses yet no benefits are reciprocated and no dominant or vocal advocacy for their rights.
  4. Injustice: the grossest form of injustice being done to the whole of humanity from all walks of life and genders. Each gender is exploited in the grossest humanly fashion fathomable. Whereas Islam poses viable feasible solutions to these horrid injustices, but this places Islam at an ideological advantage and exposes the reigning ideology at a disadvantage, thus followers and its proponents of capitalism must seek out how to shove their rotting ideals to the others seeking alternatives for their lives and society. And this shift is proven through numerous polls and censuses evidencing the increasing rise of followers of Islam and the conversion rates to Islam from various continents notably from European countries seeking a new alternative from their life.
  5. Capitalism pushes humans out of their realm to reap profits from their misery – from the mass exploitation – skewed roles of responsibilities and identity, alarming suicide rates, society a mess, substance addiction, children are no longer viewed as innocents but with lust whether it is for commodification or the potential to sexual prey. Islam views humans in the highest regard as Allah (swt) created human being in the best form. Here Islam places a duty on each person to care and respect his being and life as it part of worship to Allah, but to profit from human suffering or commodity is a sin met with dreadful consequences.
  6. More than ever we as Muslims need to fulfill our part of seeking to implement the taj alfaroudh (crown of obligations) to remove this grave injustice from our shoulders in order to stand upright before the reckoning of Allah – when we as Muslims bore witness to the massive genocides and atrocities of the Ummah throughout the world. What did you do to remove or stop this? What was the method you chose to stop this?

We must not attempt to put our daily life routines ahead of this taj alfaroudh …. The various Ahkaam Shari’ openly stress this duty upon every able Muslim, male and female. Why must our activism be for the Khilafah and not another way?

  1. It will solve all human problems because it is from the Creator Himself and it holds the interest of humans, Muslim or non-Muslim, at its core in the systems of Islam.
  2. It is all encompassing from its systems to fully resolve conflicts from the nuclear family to conflicts amongst foreign nations.
  3. There is not a single person free from due accountability. Money, status, lineage, ethnicity play absolutely no role or affect to escape accountability or responsibility in the Islamic State.
  4. A time-tested ideology that has the longest record for experiencing a true golden age period and revival in all aspects in life and society bringing justice throughout its boundaries and abroad.
  5. Islam implemented in the form of the Khilafah was severely sought after to ruin and sabotage the government and ruling system and thus due to the cunning of its enemies who relentlessly worked for centuries for its collapse, the Khilafah collapsed… but not because of lack of solutions or lack of “keeping up with the times” or not being able to propose ideal solutions for today’s expanding world population as the myths or lies are disseminated throughout textbooks and narratives. Muslims now more than ever are calling for the Shariah to be implemented and to be used as their gauge for their lives.
  6. No other ideology or government system has been truly able to bring peace and prosperity to its populations like Islam has done to humankind.

The regular people of the Muslim lands want and desire for a government system that is in harmony with their belief system and that holds sacred their human rights and is not an imported foreign entity forced upon them – they want the Khilafah /Caliphate system – and this again is evidenced in their surveys when overwhelming numbers voice their call for Shariah based government and society.  Muslims need to unify their ranks as Allah (swt) wants us to and not how the West wants us to so-called ‘unite’ using farcical alliances and coalitions that underhandedly sabotage Islamic Unity of the Ummah such as through ethnic alliances, national or regional alliances or leagues throughout the world, that result in genocides, massacres and worse.

I leave with you this question…Which group are you with?

The one that sacrifices on principle and works endlessly for the Khilafah?

Or the one who despairs or worse works against the Khilafah due to fascination of the West or due to weakness in their Aqeedah in Islam?


Manal Bader