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The US Arrogantly Owns All the Crimes of the Zionist Entity in Palestine

The US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with ‘Israeli’ officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the 15th of December, 2023. Reuters reported that he told reporters that: “There will be a transition to another phase of this war, one that is focused in more precise ways on targeting the leadership and on intelligence driven operations … When exactly that happens and under exactly what conditions will be a continuing intensive discussion between the United States and Israel.” Reuters also reported that “Biden warned this week that international opinion was swinging against Israel because of high civilian casualties in Gaza.”

The language used by Sullivan shows just how fully the US considers this war to be its own. Rather than saying something along the lines of ‘Israel assures us that…’, he proudly stated as a fact the new directions of the war: “There will be a transition.” Even the appalling destruction in Gaza that the Zionist Entity has wrought is treated lightly. The problem according to Biden is that international opinion might “swing away from Israel”, not that thousands of innocent women and children have been butchered cruelly in indiscriminate bombings that are being repeated day by day, even hour by hour. Words are incapable of expressing the righteous indignation against these crimes that anyone with a heart and mind can see if they want to. This is the Zionist entity: built upon ethnic cleansing, maintained by apartheid, and now seeking to implement the ‘final solution’ as the Nazis once did. Muslims will never forget, nor forgive. But who is it that should be not forgiven?

When a vicious breed of dog enters its neighbor’s house and savages the neighbor’s children to death, for sure the dog must be put down, but the neighbor will not lay awake at night asking why the dog did what it did; it did as vicious dogs may do. He will blame the owner of that dog and seek recompense from him. The owner of the dog that called Palestinians “human animals” and said it would flatten Gaza and daily made murderous announcements, and daily killed innocents; targeting houses, hospitals and schools, mosques and churches, cutting electricity, water and food is the one that should engage our most careful attention. The owner is the US that holds the leash of the Zionist Entity and gave it every weapon it asked for and continues to do so. The US, therefore, owns all its crimes.

Biden told Jewish Americans at the White House on the 11th of December, “I got in trouble, got criticized very badly by the southern part of my state and some of the southern parts of the country, when 35 years ago I said, ‘You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. And I am a Zionist,'”. The US provides unwavering diplomatic support and was the sole member to veto the recent Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. The sole opinion in the UN that carries any weight is its opinion, which emphasizes the fallacy of a so-called international community that sets and upholds international law.

While the US client regimes in the Middle East will continue to follow the orders of their master until they are uprooted, it would be a shame if the cultural imperialism of the US finds willing ears amongst the noble sons and daughters of the Muslim Ummah after what they have witnessed these days of duplicitous Western Values in action.

Dr. Abdullah Robin