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The Trial of Ustaadh Abdul Ra’ouf El Amery Begins

The trial of Ustaadh Abdul Ra’ouf El Amery, head of the Political Office of Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah of Tunisia, begins on Monday 15/04/2019 in the Military Court of Tunisia, over the following press releases:

– The Press Release issued by Hizb ut Tahrir on 27/05/2016 entitled: “The Zionists Kill Muslims in Palestine and Judaize Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa, While the “Revolution” Government in Tunisia Harness the Officers and Soldiers to Protect them and Make their “Pilgrimage” Easy Every Year?”

– Press Release dated 11/05/2017 entitled: “Beji Caid Essebsi and his Government issue pardon for the Administrators and Businessmen who’s Corruption has been Proven!”

– Press Release dated 13/07/2017 entitled “A New Presidential Order to Protect the Interests of the Colonists”.

– Press Release dated 18/07/2017 entitled: “Military Judiciary Accounts Hizb ut Tahrir on a Statement Criticizing the Normalization with the Jewish entity, While Being Silent About the Crime of Normalization?!”

– Press Release dated 13/10/2017 entitled: “The Regime is Killing our Children”

The directed accusations are “Incitement to desertion from military service, weakening the morale of soldiers and criticising the actions of the General Command responsible for the actions of the army”.

It is worth mentioning that the party’s press statements for which it is being tried are published and well-known, and they reveal the crimes of the ruling authority in Tunisia, including the death of dozens of Tunisians, as well as the exploitation of the Tunisian soldiers and officers to protect the interests of the colonial countries and their companies, and others were regarding the deception of soldiers and officers and exploiting them as patrols to guarantee the protection of Zionist “soldiers” and facilitate their “pilgrimage” to the alien in El Ghriba at Djerba.

So why are the Authorities presenting these cases against the Party these days, 3 years later? Is it an account offered as a Qurban (sacrifice) to the overseas masters on the threshold of elections? Or is it the hidden love you send to Netanyahu (on the occasion of his success in the elections)?

Finally, this is a warm invitation to honest journalists to follow up on an issue that does not concern Hizb ut Tahrir alone (as the Party and its members are used to the unfair trials), but it is an issue of the country’s security and sovereignty, an issue of a colonized country that must be freed.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Tunisia

Friday, 06th Sha’ban 1440 AH

12/04/2019 CE

Issue No.: 1440 / 18