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The Muslims of Palestine Have Exposed the Fragility of the Jewish Occupation, but where are the Muslim Armies?

Resistance efforts in Palestine exploded on Saturday morning with a surprise dawn raid from Gaza. Clashes with Jewish occupiers ensued, killing dozens and capturing more. Border posts were trampled upon, enemy tanks overturned and occupying forces cowardly abandoning their posts.

Predictably, patronisers of the occupation have rushed to defend it, painting the occupiers as victims and the brave Muslims of Palestine as aggressors.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has stood with other Western leaders condemning the latest ‘attacks’, declaring ‘Australia stands with our friend [Israel] in this time’ and emphasising ‘[Israel’s] right to defend itself’.

Hizb ut Tahrir / Australia would like to reiterate the following:

1. Palestine is occupied land, every square inch of it. There is no solution to occupation except to persist with resistance efforts until the complete reversal of occupation is achieved.

2. The Jewish occupation was instilled over Palestine solely to serve Western foreign policy objectives. The minute this occupation no longer serves its purpose, Western states will abandon them in Palestine just as they have always abandoned them in Europe.

3. The fragility and cowardice of the occupation forces has been laid bare for all to see. If a handful of Muslims could rattle the occupation and the entire ‘international community’ in a single morning, what then could be achieved by the collective efforts of the surrounding armies of Muslim countries?

4. We should never lose sight of the fact it is the responsibility of armies to resist occupation and restore order. Specifically, the surrounding Muslim armies, whose leaders chain them to their barracks, witnessing as bystanders the courage of individuals whilst they sit idle in their tanks and aeroplanes.

5. Only two days ago, Prime Minister Albanese again imposed himself upon the Muslim community, surrounding himself with his Muslim props, speaking on our behalf and waxing lyrical about Australia’s commitment to justice in addressing the occupation of these lands through the upcoming referendum. It is hoped that those Muslims now feel regret after such blatant hypocrisy from the Prime Minister, as if addressing past colonial crimes was ever a hallmark of Western states!

6. The efforts of the Muslims in Palestine, and the Ummah’s principled and unending resistance to occupation and injustice, stands in stark contrast to the horrors inflicted by the West upon the rest of us. Palestine is a case in point today, but the injustices of colonialism spread to every corner of the globe. The liberation of Palestine by the Muslims will be the start of the liberation of humanity from the clutches of the West, and that day is sooner than we think inshaAllah.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Australia

Press Release
23 Rabi’ I 1445 – Sunday 8th October 2023
No: 02 / 1445