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The International Economic Order Prevents the Rise of the Islamic Ummah as an Economic Power!

Pakistan’s rulers use the US dollar for international trade, in obedience to the colonialist IMF. Amidst a shortage of dollars, the rulers also take interest-based loans in dollars to finance our economy. The Rupee weakens against the dollar, unleashing back-breaking inflation, whilst Pakistan is plunged into an ever growing, interest-based debt. In the Khilafah, the currency of the state is based on gold and silver, as are all transactions by the state and its citizens within international trade. Islam forbids interest-based loans and restricts state revenues to the Shariah stipulated sources. Islam ensures the vigorous finance of economic activity through grants and interest-free loans, as well as investment in the Islamic company structures. Islam mandates that all Muslim Lands are unified as a single Khilafah state. Their abundant agricultural, energy and mineral resources will be mobilized to establish Islam’s dominance in the world, as it was for centuries before.


Sunday, 26 Safar 1443 AH- 03 October 2021 CE