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The Hindu State Martyrs our Citizens in Neelum Valley

Yet Pakistan’s Rulers Prevent our Armed Forces from Mobilizing across the Line of Control

According to the ISPR, on 13 November 2020, Indian forces targeted the civilian population along the Line of Control, during which five were martyred, including a woman and a soldier. Seventeen people were injured including five soldiers. A child lost his eye and his treatment was delayed. He succumbed to his injury and joined the long line of martyrs of Kashmir.

How long will protests be lodged, when the Hindu State has violated the Line of Control 2,700 times this year alone? For what purpose have we prepared our superb X (Ten) Corps? India repeatedly undertakes acts of war, yet the Bajwa-Imran regime declares that war is not an option, restraining our willing and able X Corps. The Muslims of Pakistan will bear poverty willingly to fully support the mobilization of their armed forces in Jihad for the pleasure of Allah (swt), yet when the enemy annexes Occupied Kashmir and attacks Azad (Liberated) Kashmir, the Bajwa-Imran regime is still call upon the UN which does not care about you! For what have our intelligent, hardworking and Islam loving scientists, engineers and military personnel of Pakistan prepared ballistic missiles and tanks? Are these lovingly-crafted, sophisticated weapons only to be cleaned, shined, maintained and guarded, or deployed against a relentlessly hostile enemy’s blistering advance? Are the cries of our mothers, sisters and daughters in Occupied Kashmir, beyond the Line of Control, not deserving of a befitting, jaw-breaking response? Are they not joined to us by the powerful bond of Iman and is Occupied Kashmir not Muslim Land, inviolable by the order of Allah (swt)? When little girls are defying the oppressive Indian army with small stones in their small hands, how can a fully equipped military force, with men who desire martyrdom, be denied the opportunity to enter into the fray, sending the cowardly Hindu troops scurrying into disarray and retreat? How?!

O Pakistan Armed Forces! There is no better time to mobilize across the Line of Control and liberate Occupied Kashmir from the modern day Raja Dahir, the tyrant Modi. Coronavirus disease has shattered India’s ailing economy, the Muslims of Kashmir are demanding liberation and the military of the Hindu State is demoralized, with suicide common in its ranks, whilst its high command is shaken by confrontation with China and trembles at the very thought of facing your righteous fury. In Operation Swift Retort, the cowardice and weakness of Hindu military was made clear to you by Allah (swt) as He (swt) supported you in battle. The nature of the Hindu State is that if you ask for peace, it will only encourage it for further escalation in aggression. The Hindu elite do not accept anything less than a Hindu Raj (Empire) and Akhand Bharat (Greater India). Even now, the political and military leadership of Pakistan considers obedience to American demands more important than the commands of Allah (swt) and His Messenger ﷺ. The Bajwa-Imran regime is providing every opportunity to the Hindu State to consolidate its fragile grip over Occupied Kashmir. By granting Gilgit-Baltistan a provincial status, it wants to consolidate the Line of Control as a border, abandoning Occupied Kashmir forever.

O Sons of Khalid bin Walid (ra), O Swords of Allah (swt)! For the sake of Allah (swt), you must swarm across the Line of Control now, liberating the oppressed Muslims of Occupied Kashmir from the Hindu Raj in decisive battle, whilst sweeping aside any ruler or commander that invokes the treacherous American order for restraint. All this can only happen once you have extended your Nussrah for the re-establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate), so you are commanded by a Rightly Guided Khaleefah who will lead you in Jihad in the Path of Allah (swt). So strive now for the Jannah whose breadth is as wide as the heavens and the earth, so what of its length? Answer the call of Allah (swt), His Messenger ﷺ and the believers and the cries of your brothers, sisters and children in Occupied Kashmir, with your blood, fire and steel!


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Pakistan

Saturday, 28th Rabii’ I 1442 AH

14/11/2020 CE

No: 1442 / 28

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