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The Annual Day of Remembrance is Forbidden to Conduct in Kazan

The Executive Committee of Kazan revoked the permission of all the Tatar Public Center (ATPC) to hold on October 18 in Tinchurin park rally on the occasion of “Hәter kөne”- the annual day of remembrance of the defenders of Kazan who died from the troops of Ivan the Terrible in 1552. The corresponding letter signed by the head of the administration of the city executive committee Yevgeny Varakin was sent to the chairman of the ATPC Farit Zakiev. Zakiev himself told about this.

The Kazan authorities explain this decision by an order issued by the city prosecutor’s office. Earlier, journalists reported that ATPC only on the third attempt managed to agree on the holding of “Hәter kөne”, for speaking at which three people were brought to administrative responsibility last year, including the writer Fauzia Bayramova, who was fined 10 thousand rubles.

The practice of celebrating the Day of Remembrance by the national intelligentsia in Kazan began in 1989 and has not been interrupted since then. Last year, in Tinchurin Park the rally was attended by about 200 people. According to the chairman of the ATPC, on Monday his organization will appeal the decision in court.


It cannot be said that this decision of the authorities was a surprise for someone. In fact, in recent years, the authorities of Tatarstan have slowly but surely reduced these annual actions to nothing, each time more and more restricting, driving the action from the main streets and squares deep into the capital.

But there were times when these actions attracted thousands of people, and the slogans of these actions were very bold. Back in 2001, one of the processions was attended by such posters as: “We will not be allowed to legalize the occupation!”, “Down with the colonial vertical of Russian power!”, “10% was enough for Batiy, but even 70% was not enough for Putin. “No” to predatory taxes!”, “If you are for the sovereignty of Tatarstan – join the ranks of the Narodniy Front!”, “Putin should be “killed” in The Hague Tribunal!” And in the 90s, when anti-colonial sentiments were still very strong among the people, especially taking into account the war of the Chechens for independence, such processions only required secession from the Russian Federation. “We did not enter Russia!” – the demonstrators then wrote on the posters.

The gradual cessation of all these processions was realized, obviously, by the Kazan Kremlin, i.e. governors of the Russian colonialists from among the Muslims under the leadership of President Minnikhanov. And if at the beginning of the 2000s, when President Shaimiev still had the courage to blackmail Moscow with separatist sentiments and he used these rallies and processions to frighten the Russians, now the situation is completely different. After the agreement on the delineation of powers was not renewed, after the complete dismantling of all signs of sovereignty even within the federation, the local elites, shaking for the savings of their families and clans, are ready to take any action to earn Moscow’s trust. Now it is no longer possible to preserve the appearance of fighters for the rights of the people. They have to obsequiously fawn at Putin at every meeting and make deliberately pro-Russian statements, unconditionally approving the Russian regime and all its actions.

The people of Tatarstan should no longer rely on either Shaimiev or Minnikhanov, but should realize that their fate is in their hands, that the policy of compromise with Russian colonization under whatever pretexts and forms it persists is the main mistake from the very beginning.

“Hәter kөne”, i.e. the Day of Remembrance should become the cornerstone of a new information agenda among activists and public figures, because despite the longest history of occupation among Muslim peoples, the Tatars still remember all the terrible crimes committed against them over the past five centuries. “Hәter kөne” is a symbol of the fact that despite the fact that today we, unfortunately, cannot instantly get rid of Russian colonization, our duty as Muslims is not to agree with it and to hate it with all our hearts.

Allah Almighty said: وَلَن يَجْعَلَ اللَّهُ لِلْكَافِرِينَ عَلَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ سَبِيلًا “Allah will not allow the unbelievers, in any way, to gain advantage over the believers” [4:141]


Muhammad Mansur