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Stay Away from UN Like How You Keep Distance from Satan!

On July 3rd, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) announced its 2023-2025 Strategic Framework for Afghanistan that prioritizes issues related to Health, Nutrition, Education, Employment, Economic Opportunities, Social Cohesion, Inclusion, Gender Equality, Human Rights, and Rule of Law.

The United Nations – despite having a pleasant while misleading name – is in fact more venomous and lethal than a poison for the Muslim Ummah and the colonized territories. At the UN, the real leaders indeed are the five permanent members of the Security Council led by the United States while the remaining members act like couch potatoes. The main goal of the UN is to prevent any direct confrontations among big colonial powers to ensure that another World War doesn’t happen, and that powers maintain realistic competitions in the colonized countries. In other words, the UN is a body assigned to organize the colonial interests among big colonial powers in their colonies.

Additionally, the current United Nations is a continuation of alliance among Christian European States against the conquests of the Ottoman State that has gone through various phases. The unity among the Christian European States destroyed the Ottoman State, after which the main goal of such institutions in Muslim lands has been to prevent the re-establishment of a super Islamic State i.e., Caliphate – neither agreeing with the implementation of Sharia internally nor allowing the extension of Dawah and Jihad as the cornerstone of Islamic Foreign Policy. Therefore, the UN not only emphasizes on national borders, national interests, national flag and so on… but also persuades everyone to blindly accept the current geography and the prevailing world order.

On the other hand, the UN paves the way for the enforcement of manmade, infidel and evil ideologies through their numerous principles, conventions, and organizations under the guise of Global Governance. To do so, it imposes its ideology on all sphere of humans’ life starting from their beliefs to politics, economy, society, and educational systems – however major elements of their thoughts contradict the holy religion of Islam.

Generally, we can say that the UN spreads its lethal and cancerous ideologies in the form of humanitarian assistance in our society aimed at precluding Muslims to live based on their faith and ideology (Sharia-based solutions). The UN propagates various laws and ideas in the society as if it were a universal religion, among which the most dangerous ideas and the one that is against human nature (instinct) is the ‘Gender Equality’ – a notion that focuses merely on men and women being equal in their rights and duties. The worst thing is that they make it mandatory for member states to recognize such individual rights of people – to allow men and women to choose their gender, to enable them to live with any gender they may be pleased with, and to ensure marriage rights to them. They also ask societies to respect these unidentified genders and have their rights guaranteed.

Despite repeated calls by the current rulers of Afghanistan on the international community not to politicize the aids but keep continuing their assistance to Afghan people to address the prevailing humanitarian crises in the country, this indicates the fact that yet there are some confusion and unawareness about the role of UN among Muslims nowadays. They must realize that the UN has not only played mischievous roles regarding the ongoing occupation of our first Qibla (Masjid-ul-Aqsa) but has also provided authorization (under a UNSC mandate) to American and NATO forces to invade Afghanistan. Besides, the UN has tremendously invested in various walks of our life aimed at altering the Islamic identity of Afghans. The announcement of 2023-2025 Strategic Framework on Health, Nutrition, Education, Employment, Economic Opportunities, Social Cohesion, Inclusion, Gender Equality, Human Rights, and Rule of Law by UNAMA is an example and manifestation of such behavior.

Given what was said, it’s necessary for Islamic Emirate to decisively reject the presence of any UN entities, their assistance, rules and conventions in Afghanistan; while instead, keep focusing on the capabilities, resources and assistance of Muslim Ummah to have Afghanistan transformed from a Nation-State into an Islamic State – pleasing Allah (swt), the Prophet (saw) and the defenseless Ummah.

Saifullah Mustanir
Director of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Afghanistan