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Quran Burning is an Expression of the Years-long Anti-Islam Policy

The leader of the anti-Islamic Pegida group tore up, trampled on, and set fire to the Noble Quran during a demonstration outside the Dutch parliament. All of these atrocities took place with the consent of the mayor of The Hague and under the watch and protection of the police. The question is how should we view this? Is this the action of one foolish individual or is there more to it? And what should we do?

It is noteworthy that such deeply offensive and foolish actions have become increasingly common in Western countries. Here are some recent events to give an idea of the matter:

  • Last week, the Holy Quran was targeted by the extreme-right Danish-Swedish anti-Islamic party, Stram Kurs (‘Tight Course’). The Holy Quran was burned during a demonstration in Sweden.
  • In 2022, in Norway during a demonstration of the extremist group SIAN, which stands for Stop the Islamization of Norway, the Holy Quran was burned.
  • In 2020, the Holy Quran was publicly desecrated in various Scandinavian countries by tearing it, spitting and kicking it.
  • In 2018, Macron even had the audacity to publish a manifesto that was signed by 300 prominent intellectuals and politicians, including himself, in which he argued that the Holy Quran incites violence and that verses from the Holy Quran should be removed.

All of these demonstrative attacks on the Holy Quran took place with the consent of the authorities and under police escort. The Norwegian prime minister defended the right of the demonstrators to desecrate the Quran, and today the Swedish authorities and the mayor of The Hague defend the right to demonstrate against Islam and to desecrate the Quran. It would be naive to assume that the attacks on the Book of Allah can be attributed solely to a few foolish individuals, as these types of offensive actions can take place with the permission and support of the authorities. Furthermore, anti-Islamic sentiments have been able to thrive in the climate created by the decades-long anti-Islamic policies of Western countries against Islam and Muslims.

Attacks on Islam and the Holy Quran will therefore not stop. And therefore, we must make our voices heard loud and clear. If we, as believers, do not stand up for the Book of Allah, which we consider to be the Last Guidance for humanity, the Word of Allah, the separator between truth and falsehood, who will? Being silent is not an option!

Standing up for the Book of Allah is not only a religious obligation but also an absolute necessity because a passive attitude and silence will only encourage the enemies of Islam and motivate them to continue.

We must therefore rise up in large numbers and use all civilized and permissible means to make it clear that we will always stand up for Islam and the sanctities of Islam. This will send a clear and unmistakable signal of where our limits of tolerance lie, and at the same time provide evidence to Allah (swt) that we are worthy believers and followers of His Book.

Okay Pala
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in The Netherlands

Press Release
1 Rajab 1444 – Monday, 23rd January 2023
No: 09 / 1444