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Only Islam can Provide the Peace and Security in Society

With the examined factors of security feelings based upon public order, it is seen that 67% of the Turkish society doesn’t feel safe, 39% have a worry of physical attacks and 44% are nervous while walking alone at night.


According to these society examination data made in Turkey, the majority of the society does not feel comfortable and safe. How can it be? From child abuse to robbery, incidents that are damaging peace and security of the society occur every day.  One thing is for sure; anything that is inhuman and immoral has surrounded our life. It would not be correct to narrow down the social unrest and insecurity with just Turkey. In the USA, which has charged itself by serving the world peace and security with democracy, so to speak, the number of stolen automobiles is over the number of cars produced in Turkey. 1.2 million cars disappear every year. The number of robberies is 6.7 million for a year and a good many of overrun disasters.

Global communities, especially in Turkey and all around the world, are mentioning their inconvenience but also discuss for its solution. United States’ former attorney general Loretta Lynch, who has examined the report of FBI previous years, stated regarding the report “we still have got much to do”. The disasters in a country which are governed by capitalism will not come to an end. Because economic crises, security crises, peace crises, justice security etc… are in the nature of capitalism. What kind of a ratty system is it that contains such crises! On the top of it, solutions are sought in the problematic system itself?! What I mean is that it is out of question to predict peace, Khair and security, out of a system which has the following understanding: “if the shadow of a tree cannot be sold, the tree has to be cut”.

Who or what is going to bring insecurity and unrest to an end?

How is the secure and peaceful society going to be formed? Or what is going to form it?

The remarkability of any security and peace project is related with the basics of the belief system (religion). If the project assuming to bring security and peace, does not satisfy the mind, does not speak to the nature and does not give confidence to the heart, it will not bring welfare to humanity. According to this, the only life system that can provide satisfaction for the nature and heart of the human being is Islam. Therefore, the System of Islam is the guarantor of the light for the struggle in this life and will be the salvation for hereafter.

It is Islam that will transform the modern Jahiliyyah of today into a secure and peaceful second Golden Age, like it transformed the Arab Jahiliyyah into the Golden Age.

Is it Islam that will be just a school topic? Or, an Islam which the scholars implement regulations upon it? Or, an Islam that is taught just theoretically at Madrassahs and not mentioned its methodological practical part? As for example, Islam, which will be the cure for the dead cells, will be also the salvation from unrest and insecurity especially for the Muslims and for humankind.  It is a matter of a fact that this solution has to be implemented into practical life. As to say, a liveable Islam.

It is only Khilafah state (Caliphate) that can establish the security and safety by regenerating it and transform the Islamic system from theory into practice. Especially Turkish citizens need the security and peace emanated by the Khilafah state. Therefore, it will be frustrating to predict safety and peace without Khilafah. This is because Islam is the only answer for the peace of human nature and Khilafah is the guarantor for a liveable Islam.

History is full of examples with the secure and peaceful life provided by Islamic State. For instance Michael Matunak, a Slovak historian, wrote in his book “Kremnice”: “The Slovak people in Ocava were escaping into forests during the rule of Germany. But during the rule of the Ottoman Empire, they used to live in peace and security in their villages. They could not travel without a gun during the rule of Germany however; they did not even carry a stick under the rule of the Ottoman Empire…”

Therefore, we once again say that Khilafah State is the only implementer, carrier and guardian of Islam and Islam is the only guarantor of peace both for this life and hereafter of the humankind.


Abdullah İmamoğlu