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Muslims Reject Abbas’s Pathetic Pleas for Help as a Humiliation

“Palestinian leader calls on world to ‘protect us,’ and his people respond with bitter laughter” according to CNN on the 14th of July after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas belatedly visited Jenin long after the ‘Israeli’ Defense Forces finished their killing spree and left the area. People were deeply critical of Abbas’s impotence, and his earlier speech to the United Nations on the 15th of May in commemoration of the founding of the Jewish entity in Palestine was met with considerable cynicism by Palestinians. “We are getting beaten every day, we scream every day. People of the world, protect us! Aren’t we human beings? Even animals should be protected. If you have an animal, won’t you protect it? Protect us…” he begged the world. The people of the blessed land of Isra and Miraj did not take comfort from his plea.

The parallel is sometimes drawn between the Russian occupation of Ukraine and the Jewish entity’s occupation of Palestine, while the Western response is so contradictory. Perhaps Abbas’s speech writer thought that one more plea for help might bring salvation. Few Muslims could be so desperate as to take comfort from an Arab leader’s call to the West to protect them under the guise of – at least give us the same rights as animals. Our leaders can always debase themselves further as they sink deeper into the hole of lies that is the so-called International World Order, but the Muslims of Palestine hit the floor of credulity a long time ago.

The Palestine Liberation Organization was effective in normalizing the concept that foreigners, under the guise of an International World Order operating through the United Nations, should have a role in arbitrating the political affairs of Muslims. Supposedly the United Nations would be a tool to help the Palestinians recover their land from the Jewish entity. Hence, Arabs were educated to memorize a plethora of UN resolutions and followed with keen interest the debates at successive UN meetings about the issue of Palestine. As part of the normalization of subservience to the West, the PLO leadership and cadres took pride in publicizing human rights violations, and casualties amongst Palestinians during the uprisings that began in the late 1980s with the aim of garnering sympathy towards Palestinians as victims. All that was required of Palestinians was to be victims, while the leadership called upon the deaf ears – ‘look what is happening to our people – save us!’

Then, the Palestine Liberation Organization having established the subservience of Muslims’ affairs to the international order, reached the goal set for it of validating the Jewish entity within the Arab world when they recognized the legitimacy of that entity. Thence came the Palestinian Authority, led now by Mahmoud Abbas. Neither a state nor barely an authority, but rather, an agency of the Jewish entity to manage the occupation of Palestine cheaply on their behalf. The only plea of Muslims is their plea to their own sources of power in the armies. If the so-called International Order was to respond, it would only be to further our destruction, and not alleviate it. While the US and Europe responds to Ukraine’s call for help, it is in order to enrich their own industries, and bleed the people of Ukraine to the last drop of their blood in order to break up and dominate Russia. Muslims should not envy such help.

Dr. Abdullah Robin