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Modi’s Visit to Denmark is in line with Danish Support to Tyrants

On Tuesday, the 3rd of May 2022, the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi was welcomed in Copenhagen for the first visit of an Indian representative to Denmark in 20 years. He was first received by the Danish royal family, and the next day attended the India-Nordic Summit hosted by the Danish prime minister with representation from several Nordic countries. Topics such as green energy, climate change and Ukraine were discussed.

The crimes perpetrated by Modi, his BJP government and the Hindu nationalist mobs against Muslims in India and Kashmir, however, were not mentioned with a single word.

It comes as no surprise that the Danish government shows open endorsement for the butcher of Gujarat as a means of negotiating energy deals. The Danish prime minister visited India in the fall of 2021, normalising their relations and openly proclaiming, with Modi by its side, the same slogan that fuels the anti-Muslim policies of the BJP government – “the nation first!”. The Danish government has a similar disregard for Muslims and has an open policy of hatred of Islam and Muslims domestically. Denmark is treating Muslim immigrants as problems to get rid of, with prison-like asylum centres and boards made by the government with the task of sending refugees back. Meanwhile, Ukrainian refugees are welcomed and any laws about immigration are overruled in favour of the safety of these refugees.

This is not the first time the Danish government or the Danish royals roll out the red carpet for tyrants and oppressors of Muslims and award them medals. In 2011, the king of Bahrain received the Grand Cross from the Danish Queen, while he was attacking and killing protesters against his rule. The same goes for Hosni Mubarak in 1986 and Hassan the 2nd in 1988, two of the worst dictators, who received the Order of the Elephant, which is the highest order of honour in Denmark.

Not to mention the Danish state’s support and cooperation with the Zionist occupation of Palestine, which has always, regardless of the scope and inhumanity of its crimes, been practically unconditional.

Alternating Danish governments have been honouring and awarding medals to some the worst tyrants of our time and has established friendly relations and cooperation with the worst regimes on earth. The Danish state has never had a sliver of moral ground to stand on when it tramples its so-called values of freedom to enact policies against Islam. The Danish and other Western governments are all part of an unjust and corrupt international order, which is morally and intellectually bankrupt, while they claim to champion freedoms and human rights. The hypocrisy has been exposed and the masks are falling one by one. The Muslims, meanwhile, will continue to rise based on Islam, not least in the Indian Subcontinent.

Younes Piskorczyk