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Istanbul Becomes One Voice for Gaza “The Khilafah is what will Save Palestine!”

The genocide perpetrated by the Jewish entity against Muslims in Gaza, which has reached its 73rd day, continues with the support of America and the Western kufr (disbelieving) countries, and the silence of the cowardly rulers of the Islamic countries who are allied with the oppressors. Death continues to pour down on Muslims in Gaza, turned into a pile of rubble by the occupying Jewish entity, using 53,000 tons of bombs. Homes, mosques, hospitals, schools, camps, and every place are subjected to intense bombardment. So far, the number of massacred martyrs has exceeded 19,000, with approximately 8,000 of them being children and infants. Around 7,000 people are still missing, their bodies remaining under the rubble of collapsed buildings or in the streets. As for the world, for the past two and a half months, it has been witnessing images of slaughtered Muslims. No one hears the cries of mothers, fathers, and children screaming in despair, and no one answers the calls of “Where are you, O Muslims, O rulers, O armies?”.

We, in Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Türkiye, organized a massive march from the Bayezid Mosque in Istanbul to Sarachane Park to be a voice for Gaza in the face of these atrocities, to remind the rulers of Allah’s accountability for them, and to call on the armies of Muslims to save Gaza. Thousands of Muslims, men and women, elders and youth, and children, participated in our march under the title “One Heart, One Voice for Gaza.” Representatives from various non-government organizations (NGOs), including Palestinian associations and journalists, also participated in the march. After the Dhuhr prayer, we started the march by forming a procession in Bayezid Square, waving flags of unity accompanied by takbirs, expressing solidarity with the people of Gaza and declaring that we will not leave the Palestinian cause alone.

As for our program in Sarachane Square, we issued a call to the rulers, especially, and to the scholars and all Muslims in general. We said to the rulers who have stood idly by in the face of the massacres committed by the usurping Jewish entity: “O rulers! Why do you not take tangible steps to save Palestine? Why are you afraid? Whom do you fear? Is it the disbelieving America or the colonial West? Do you not know that Allah we believe in is capable of everything? Whoever relies on his Lord will never be forsaken, and whoever has Allah as an ally will never be defeated.”

As for the responsibility of the scholars and opinion leaders in holding the rulers accountable, we stated: “These three robes have no buttons: the judge, the scholar, and the imam… The judge rules with justice without favoring anyone. The scholar declares the truth without paying attention to any person. As for the imam, he is the guardian of the sanctuary in the position of the noble Prophet (saw). In the eyes of these three individuals, the truth surpasses any other interest. And Allah honors those who honor the path of truth.”

And finally, we conveyed the following message to the Muslims: “The only way to stop these atrocities is to send armies to Al-Aqsa and confront force with force. This is the call and demand of the Muslims of Gaza. The primary responsibility of individuals and the masses is to pressure the rulers to send armies to Al-Aqsa. The fundamental and only solution for the liberation of Palestine is the establishment of the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate).”

We would also like to express our gratitude to the representatives of the NGOs and all Muslims who participated in our march and spoke words of solidarity. May Allah be pleased with all the Muslims who took to the streets to stand with the people of Palestine and remind the rulers of their responsibilities. We ask Allah, the Most High, to grant victory to Gaza and all of Palestine through a Khalifah Rshid (rightly guided Caliph) and courageous leaders. Amen.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Türkiye

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7 Juamda II 1445 – Wednesday, 20th December 2023
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