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In a Post-Caliphate World

The world is here to witness the absence of a system revealed by Allah (swt), and what has replaced it is eroding any hope for a continuation of humans. Global warming, continuous wars, ever-increasing societal gaps and divisions, increasing health concerns and fragile economic systems are the only outcomes of a post-Caliphate century.

Nearly a century ago, the last Islamic government that was representing the rules of Allah to mankind was demolished. Since its inception, it is the only time, where Islam has not ruled on any part of the world and for such a long time, leaving the world in the hands of those who are not only driven by greed and self-centric interests but also are in an openly declared war against the rule of Allah’s guidance, i.e. Islam. Therefore, we must look into what has happened in the past century to the world, especially Muslims, which may have not been possible should the Islamic Caliphate had still existed.

Upon the destruction of the Caliphate nearly a century ago, the Muslims have found themselves in unprecedented disunity, mounting tyranny, tremendous plunder, and uncounted loot of their wealth resources, dignity and pride. The Muslim nation – Ummah – has come under fire by all types and means possible to give up, on the very last value, their beliefs that they still hold in to. The nature of these attacks, which is not just carried out through the military invasions, but also through economic packages, financial rulings, social engineering, the spread of intellectual disinformation, and cultural values alteration, undermines any thought, value and norm advocated by Islam.

In the post WWI world and during the Cold War, the world powers first divided the Muslim lands amongst them and then imposed their non-Islamic thoughts and values upon them. In addition, the Muslim lands had always been used as battlegrounds between both sides, not only to avoid direct confrontations but also to not waste their own resources.

The Muslims have also lost their grip on areas of their permanent rule and there has nothing been in their hands to prevent that. From East Timur to the Balkans, from East Turkistan to South Sudan and from Indian Sub-Continent to Palestine, every piece of land possible was taken from Muslims and handed over to the others. The severity of the situation is such that the oil tankers are not only used to transfer the so-called black gold but also other valuables of the Muslim countries and at the cost of tens of millions of lives.

Calling to a revival of Islam has been made a crime, let alone to establish its rule. For the past century, the Muslims have only had a chance to choose from those as their rulers who had their deepened animosity towards Islam within their diseased hearts which outrank the hate seen by the actual enemies. The Muslims in our lands are facing the only harsh reality and that is to fight their own people, under their command, prior to deciding to go for the real enemies. As a result, Muslim energy is not only internally consumed but also has weakened the Muslim strength even further.

Implementing the Capitalist ideology and its intellectual source – Secularism – has only brought hypocritical behaviour in many Muslims, where their beliefs are not represented by their actions. Many of the Muslims, who are wary of this situation, have resorted to actions such as apologetic methods to defend Islam, but within the set of rules introduced by those who threaten the core of Islamic calls themselves. Doing so has never given them a chance to be the victors, but have made them essential in redirecting the much-needed resources for the call of revival. Despite all their efforts, they have attracted a few only to Islam, while the Western states have full access to influence our way of thinking through introducing their evil policies. Therefore, we have seen many deviations in our people, especially our youth, in how they are adapting to the Western culture.

In a post-Cold War world, the Western states stormed the Muslim lands in the style of hungry wolves attacking a defenceless herd of sheep, resulting in a heavy toll for Muslims. As we speak, we have many Muslim lands in complete ruins and others collapsing, despite the all available resources at their disposal.

As mentioned earlier, the invasions were not just militarily. They were also economic, financial, intellectual and cultural. With their military invasions, they have ensured to steel all available wealth and resources of the Muslims across the Muslim world, and also to destroy any military might still exists in that piece of land. What is more important for them is to sow more fear into the hearts of our leaders – as described earlier – to surrender further to their will and subservience. Consequently, their economic and financial plans enforced on all other Muslim lands have ruined the very economies that had kept the Muslim nation needless and able to revive from the many disasters in the past. This also helped the rulers give up on any of their goals to ensure their many essential industries, especially the defence industry and capabilities. Gaining access to every Muslim land’s economic and financial institutions, they have installed their very programs that are in contrast with the Islamic beliefs. Through their cultural programs, they have been able to promote and introduce complete alteration packages to our cultural and educational institutions. As a result, they have been able to gain the ability to change the educational curriculums of the entire region, removing every value that Islam promotes. They have also gained access to promote their secular agenda through the media by sponsoring almost all of the media outlets active in our lands. To understand how they function in our lands, it is important to know how they implement their agenda as they introduce their plans through the following categorization of Muslims:

  1. Label any Muslim that is adhering to the actual Islamic teachings and calling for its implementation as a radical, and has targeted them with whatever means possible.
  2. Ignore, at least for now, any traditionalist Muslim who adheres to the traditionalist religious practices that are not related to the political style derived from the original teachings of Islam and is not challenging the Western interests. In addition, they have to persuade and motivate to use their resources against those whom they have labelled as radicals, so as to internalize the battle amongst the Muslims.
  3. Identify, support and promote any one of the Muslims, who are trying to modernize Islam under the norms set by other than Islam, i.e. Western Values and system.
  4. Identify and bring to power anyone of the Muslims who believe in secularism and removal of Islam from political life.

It is of no wonder why we have to defend our Islamic values not just externally but also internally , because nowadays we not only have to face the invaders, who are here to uproot Islam, but also our rulers, who are more committed to protecting the interests of others, and the ones in the other three categories. By doing so, they have altered the actual fabric of our societies and have brought us to a corner to fight many fronts.

They do not limit this situation to Muslims. Through their policies, humanity at large is facing many difficulties that are brought upon them through implementing the secular system, i.e. Capitalism. We daily notice the rise of a few in hoarding the wealth that is higher in percentage than the whole of humanity combined. Hunger is on the rise and many thousands of children die for having no access to food, while in fact there is enough food for everyone on earth. The industrialization of the food industry is not only limiting access to food for anyone not intended to receive them, but also has increased the chances of the health concern to humanity. The centralization and the use of economic and financial systems are barring many from the fulfilment of their basic needs. Many have no value as humans anymore, let alone having their ‘human rights’.

In addition, the push for the interest-centric economic model has driven the entire humanity to the edge of collapse. The rising global temperature is reaching to alarming new levels and there is no sign of willingness within the world powers to not even put an end to the trends resulting in this crisis, let alone reversing it.

The rise of psychological problems across the world is due to the absence of a God-Fearing system, where humans are left on their own to manage their affairs. The disconnection of human life from its source of intellectual nutrients, i.e. its beliefs, has only increased its suffering.

The race in the production of drugs and weapons, especially in mass murder, is one another phenomenon threatening humans. Unless a strong a powerful entity that is focused on protecting humanity only, is not re-instated, none of these phenomena can be reversed.

To conclude, despite the initial stages of the rising non-Islamic systems prior to the destruction of the Caliphate, it was the destruction of the Caliphate that has given them a clear path to thrive. As a result, not only the Muslims but the entire humanity is now put at risk. Therefore, it is time for the re-emergence of a strong and capable Caliphate again to devise the situation, protect not only its subjects – the Muslims – but also the entire humanity. Doing so will bring back the hope for billions of humans for their survival.

The one post-Caliphate century has thought us enough of its importance. Thus, it is only time for its revival and not to try anything else.


Mustafa Afghan