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European Minister calls upon Muslims to Commit Fornication

On Saturday, October 3, the Danish Integration Minister, Mattias Tesfaye, wrote the following on his Facebook wall:

Yesterday, the Minister of Church Affairs and I had convened representatives / imams from large Islamic organizations for a meeting. I asked them very directly if they would say out loud and clear in public that Muslim women, of course, have the right to sex before marriage like all other women.


It is a true testimony to the shamelessness of the Western culture and liberal values when a minister in a so-called “civilized”, “modern” and “developed” country can make such an obscene statement. In direct terms, the Danish Integration Minister demands that Muslims turn adultery and fornication into Islamic legitimate acts instead of calling his own people to be inspired the decency of Islamic culture.

Islam guides the whole of humanity, men and women, to live harmonious and decent lives. Chastity, decency and reverence are noble characters that both the Muslim man and woman must possess, without any difference between them in this regard. Islam anchors true values ​​such as modesty, virtue and a tremendous respect for the woman.

The same cannot be said of the European culture that the Western politicians represents and wants to force down upon Muslims. The #MeToo Movement highlighting sexual harassment, abuse and degrading treatment of women are a testimony to this fact. The Western culture is characterized by a rotten culture of women abuse. The Western media’s lying and manipulative campaign against Sharia aims to remove focus from this women-oppressive culture that characterizes every single Western country.

It has been documented that the violation of women in general characterizes all sections of society and circles in Western society. Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every 2 minutes. On average, there are 433,648 victims of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States according to the “National Crime Victimization Survey” conducted in 2018 by the US Justice Department.

It is a natural consequence of the primitive view of women that characterizes liberal European culture. So do infidelity, fornication, and broken families. These phenomena do not appeal to Muslims, which is why we refuse to give up our identity and allow ourselves to be assimilated into Danish culture.

Muslims should distance themselves from this view of women and this culture of abuse. We should also strongly dissociate ourselves from the Western politicians’ desire for Muslims to change their identity, lifestyle, culture and rules of living in order to satisfy their repulsive wishes.

If they are conceited enough to believe that they can make Muslims renounce their Islamic values, then there is only one thing to say: It will never happen ever!


Taimullah Abu-Laban

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