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Yildirim – Pence Meeting

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim will visit the USA on 7-10 November 2017. Alongside bilateral political, economic and military relations, and regional issues of Syria and Iraq, it is also planned to exchange views on other issues on the common agenda like the fight against terror with FETO, ISIL, PYD/YPG on top, the migration issue and a solution for the visa problem. (Source: Milliyet)


After the visa crises, media seeks considerably to cover the meeting of Yildirim-Pence. According to some analysts, it is the first time that relations between America and Turkey have reached such a low point. Despite of this, both their collaboration in Iraq and Syria, their military and intelligence relations remain unharmed. So, this is the lowest level of relationship. You may imagine how the higher level of relations looks like. On the other hand, Turkey wants America to take concrete steps on the FETO and PYD issue i.e., to withdraw its support from both organisations. However, America does not give Turkey anything it wants, especially with regards to the PYD and FETO issue. On the contrary, the ongoing Reza Zarrab trial in America is already reaching out to the managers of Halk Bank and former banking institutes of the AKP, and thus, encaging the AKP even further. On the other side, America says that its support for the PYD is only periodic. However, although ISIL’s influence in Syria was brought to an end, the ongoing support for PYD is another discomfort for Turkey. In retaliation to America, Turkey arrested two embassy employees. The employee in the Consulate in Adana, Hamza Uluçay, is accused of having a link to PKK, while the employee in the General Consulate in Istanbul, Metin Topuz, is accused of FETO. Upon these arrests, the USA suspended all visa applications in Turkey and Turkey responded with the same. The main issue which caused head ache to the AKP government, beside the PYD issue, is the discomfort caused by the level that the Reza Zarrab trial in America might reach. However, the AKP government seeks to create perception through playing the PYD card.

In total, the FETO and PYD issues together with the arrests in America and Turkey will constitute the main agenda during the Yildirim-Pence meeting. Additionally, they will pose for the cameras implying that relations improve.

On the one hand, Turkey claims that it is disturbed by America’s support for PYD, but it opens its air and land bases for transoceanic America, and then complains about America’s support for terror organisations. How could the PYD grow in strength on such a scale if Turkey had not opened its intelligence, bases and air corridors? Or would it be possible for America to consistently continue its colonialist presence? If America is able to support the PYD to this extent, then this is a little bit due to Turkey’s cooperation.

Turkey always bows to America’s agenda and always surrenders to its politics. Despite America’s support for structures which Turkey calls “terror” organisations, the leaders of Turkey once again make their way to Washington: One comes… Another goes… Previously, President Erdogan said, “I am going to set a dot”. Afterwards, he said in a statement, despite a single change, “there is no dot”. Therefore, arresting two consulate employees is not retaliation against the USA or putting it in its place. A start would be expelling the American ambassadors, closing the basis and deporting its soldiers. However, this requires a leader who does not lean on America but on Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.


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