Welcome to our new site was one of the first Islamic websites back in 1996. Its aim ever since has been to articulate the case for Islam as an ideology that provides solutions for all peoples for all times. Much has changed since 1996, 9/11 and the Arab spring has left a mark on the whole world, especially the Ummah.

As the world has changed we have also been forced to adapt at Khilafah,com. Back in 1996 the demands upon Islamic websites was for knowledge and analysis. The advent of online multimedia and social media has resulted in our audience demanding much more multi-faceted content and alhumdulilah we have listened.

Our new website aims to deliver much of our existing content which many of you have commented upon over the decades as well as some new content. You can now also access content on your smartphone and tablet. You can still expect analysis, culture, insight, fiqh, as well as in depth reports, books and the polices of the future Khilafah.

We welcome your comments and feedback.

We write to inform, inspire and create a movement for true intellectual revival. We ask Allah (swt) to accept our efforts and mark it as part of the contribution towards re-establishment of His (swt) deen.

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