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They Envy the Muslim Woman for being a True Woman!

Attacks against the hijabi Muslim women in Turkey have increased significantly. For instance, the physical attacks of non-hijabi women against by passing hijabi women on the street, on two different occasions İstanbul, or the verbal insult of a woman against a hijabi woman in the Metrobus, or a young male medicine student boxing into the face of a by passing hijabi woman simply for wearing the hijab, or the repeated public insults of a man towards Muslim women. The Muslim people in Turkey are baffled and perplex in face of these attacks. And in the last incident on Wednesday, the 20th of November, CHP group Deputy Chair Engin Özkoç attacked AKP group Deputy Chair woman and headscarf wearing Özlem Zengin, calling her ‘twerp’ and shouting ‘bring this woman into line’, and ‘silence her’. These expressions are the same words used by former radical Kemalist and Republican Prime Minister Ecevit towards the first headscarf wearing Deputy Merve Kavakçı. Is it possible that headscarf-enmity is rising again, and that it is very alive in Turkey? (Agencies)


In fact, we wittness that nothing has changed in Turkey since the AKP came into power, whereas the AKP had lifted the headscarf ban. And it took 11 years to remove this ban. For whole 11 years, the AKP responded to the demands and insistence of the Muslim voters to remove the headscarf ban that time was not ripe yet, and that “there are things that need to be changed”. So we can conclude that nothing has changed in Turkey.

And it was never possible to achieve a change. For while the AKP claimed to stand for the Muslim woman and family on the one hand, on the other it hastened to signs all international treaties like CEDAW, and the Beijing Declaration, even without any reservations, and furthermore it implemented them immediately without hasitation in Turkey’s legal, educational, media and political systems. It used terms like “lifestyle, appearance, freedom of belief, democratic rights, women’s rights, secularism and equality” even more than the anti-Islamic Kemalist and secular groups. “We do not interfere with anyone’s lifestyle” (former Prime Minister Davutoğlu), while promoting secular, liberal ideas and lifestyles, which do interfere with the lifestyles of the Muslims. Since the AKP came into power, the headscarf ban was lifted, but at the same time adultery, immorality and violence against women have increased. The conception of the Muslim woman’s dress code degenerated and transformed into corresponding to fashion principles rather than pleasing Allah (swt).

Under the AKP, the headscarf-wearing Muslim woman became a parliamentary deputy, deputy chair woman, minister, family minister and chief adviser of the president. All of these ladies supported every legal change, and gender equality projects in education, and family destroying feminist organisations and institution with all their power. And Mrs. Özlem Zengin is one of the spearheads. They promoted the CEDAW credo of liberation of the woman, women’s rights and gender equality. They might have done it either out of their ignorance, their arrogance or their malice. But this led to consacred these ideas among the ignorant once and spread the idea that being religious is being misogynist. Additionally the increas in violence towards women by 1500% during the time of the ‘religious’ AKP strenghthened the foundations of the idea that Islam is misogynist.

Those who punch into the face of a Muslim woman while passing by, and pull of her hijab, and insult her are those pitiful ones, who got caught into the influence of Western systems. The Western kuffar envy Islam, and Islam’s success in history, and Islam’s unique and superior treatment of women, and the peace, morality, trust and safety that this treatment created throughout the Muslim society. That what truly disturbs those who became affected by rotten Western concepts is the fact that the Muslim woman is a true woman. The Muslim woman is aware of her womanhood, who knows the value of her womanhood, and who is convinced that the rights given to her by Allah (swt) are far superior and valuable to any rights that the man-made kufr systems could ever possibly provide to her. These miserable people envy the attention, the sensitivity and respect that Muslim women enjoy within the Muslim majority people of Turkey.


Zehra Malik