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The Terror Will Not End Unless the Colonists Leave!

A bomb attack took place in front of the Ministry of Interior in Ankara on Sunday morning. Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announced that the incident that occurred at 09:30 was a terrorist attack, two policemen were injured, and two terrorists, one of whom blew himself up, were neutralized. In a statement made the next day, it was reported that the attack was carried out by PKK terrorists who hijacked his vehicle after killing a veterinarian in Kayseri. (02.10.2023 Agencies)

After the abolition of the Caliphate on March 3 1924, the Islamic geography was divided on the basis of race and territory and divided into 50-odd parts. Informal Islamic regimes based on secularism and nationalism, which are connected to the West from the core, were built on each part. Treacherous rulers who did not hesitate to betray their people were planted on the heads of these regimes. The colonialist infidel West has implemented all kinds of sedition and evil through these regimes in order to prevent the Islamic ummah, which has been living like a single body in the shadow of the Islamic state with its mistakes and flaws for centuries, from reuniting. Secularism, nationalism and patriotism were imposed on Muslims by the ruwaybida(Vile and base men) in order for Islam not to return to governance, so that the ummah would not come together.

The towns where the imposition of ideas and laws is not enough, especially those that have strong dynamics at the point of Islam’s return, have also resorted to the Western method of terrorism. In this sense, Turkey is one of the countries where terrorism is most prevalent and it has been fighting the terrorist organization for nearly 50 years. After Britain, which played a leading role in the destruction of the caliphate, the PKK organization was revealed by lighting a fire of sedition by the men that America recruited from the Turks and Kurds. Thus, the colonial infidels began to use terror as a weapon in order to weaken Turkey’s power, disrupt social peace and realize their interests in Turkey.

Terrorism is a form of political violence and its origin is the colonialist infidel West. Terrorists sometimes use the streets and centrums where people are busy. It aims to cause fear to society by targeting places. Sometimes it also aims to give a warning/intimidation message aimed at specific limited targets.

The terrorist act targeting the Ministry of Interior in Ankara resembles such a message, because it is noteworthy that the attack comes after the operations of the Ministry of Interior against criminal organizations and drug traffickers in recent months, and especially the killing of senior figures of the PKK terrorist organization by airstrikes. The new Interior minister Ali Yerlikaya, who took office after the May 14-28 elections, had given a message that these operations would continue unabated and that these organizations would be fought uncompromisingly. Therefore, the attack carried out with a suicide bomber is a response to the operations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the same time, the PKK, which is arm-in-arm with drug traffickers and earns a significant income from drugs, is sending a message that it has not lost its ability to act with this terrorist attack, and that it can operate in the heart of Ankara. The government responded immediately after the terrorist act with airstrikes against PKK targets in Northern Iraq and arrest operations were launched domestically.

On the other hand, this attack raises questions about the effectiveness of intelligence. How is it that the government officials, who say they know the terrorists down to their shoe sizes, cannot prevent this action! Along with all this, it should be borne in mind that the political environment that will form after the attack will increase hatred for the PKK and its party, the HDP, and strengthen support for the government.

As a result, when someone gives a political message to each other, it is our Muslim people who are really affected here. While our Muslim people have a lot of problems, especially the economy, security concerns are being imposed on them. The fact that the AK Party administration has made up the Republican regime, which is outdated and incapable of ensuring the security of society, with the name of the Century of Turkey, cannot hide the failure of the secular regime. It is also becoming clear that the regime, which has filled its time only with the change of persons in the state administration, cannot be given life water.

The colonial West, especially America and NATO, produces and supports terrorist activities in our region, plans and maneuvers to keep our region in a constant environment of instability, chaos, crisis and conflict, but the regional country governments consider them friends and allies despite the obvious hostile activities of America, Europe and NATO, and despite their being the main cause of these despicable actions.

Of course, the only formula for getting out of this dark conflict environment is to get rid of the secular basis of the state administration and to cleanse these lands along with all the extensions of the colonists by replacing the second Rashid Caliphate, which will protect the life, property and security of the ummah only in accordance with the command of Allah, by being based on the Islamic Creed.

Muhammed Emin Yıldırım