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Statement from KöklüDeğişim Magazine, organizers of the Turkey Conference on the mass arrests last Friday

First of all, we would like to point out to everyone that they should once again be able to see how sincere, how patience and how strong we are. Since entering the world of publishing in the year 2004, we had described ourselves as ‘the point where silence breaks’ and we set out on this path so that we may ‘change with Islam and change for Islam’. We have always done and said what we knew was right without fear from the wrong-doers and their pitiful people. By saying, ‘no matter what happens’ let Allah سبحانه وتعالى be our witness that we will never hear nothing less than this.

We are indeed face to face with experiencing difficulties as we are struggling against a system which lacks law and justice and which is incapable of meeting its own human values. Unfortunately our planned conference here today has been cancelled through official and unofficial means. Our conference titled, “The present situation of the Muslims and the road to solutions” was cancelled due to unjustified reasoning.

Those who have been subject to persecution from all parts of the world, who’s honor has been violated and those who are scared that the situation of the slaughtered Muslims can change; the Turkish government who does not want to assist those from the pit of loneliness along with the Governor of Istanbul who’s actions also depend on the Turkish government have yet again cancelled another conference of ours. Similarly in the past we were not given permission to hold a conference titled “The events in Gaza” at the Feshane Culture Centre.

In this country people with all kinds of outrageous ideas, even those which fall under sexual perversion are accepted, why is it that KöklüDeğişim exposure is prevented. Anyone who has a sound intellect and who can think objectively will find the answer to this. It is because KöklüDeğişim wants to change with Islam. For a system who has waged a war against islam and its beliefs, which has seen Muslims as enemies and who has kept records of Muslim rights, If one had to speak truthfully than it would be apparent that we are not expecting more than it is necessary from such a system. However if this country as someone ha stated is not a “banana republic”, then we would have at least expected that they would act in accordance, with their own rules and they would show respect and would abide by their own human values. However as they have seen again, without Islam, no human value has worth and no justice even a small amount should be expected.

Since 6.00 am on the morning of the 24th July, there had been attempts to prevent this conference from going ahead. The General Directorate of Police and the global enemies of Islam have used all kinds of pressures and attacks. They have published ungrounded and untruthful news, presented in a systematic fashion in an attempt to slander. Just as the sun cannot be plastered with clay, Islam and Islamic movements cannot be deterred. We shout this out to all those ignorant people out there.

Now let’s come to the reasons why such unjust practice took place. Though, the people who published such news were a mail and/or phone call distance from us though it is not surprising that those who make outrageous accusations and slander the Muslims do not even give the right ‘to respond’. For whoever’s bread you eat from, you will swing their sword. For those who are known Islamic media and who stay quiet in the face of this injustice, it is they who speak for Allah سبحانه وتعالى but do not act and thus acquire stall tactics. It is not us that they have fooled but they have fooled themselves for we will be a complainant at the Court of Kubra.

In response to all the fabricated news, we say:

1-After having received permission 15 days ago from the Governor of Istanbul, we had agreed to hold this conference. We notified the Governor of the identities of each speaker, their residential addresses and provided a report which explained the content covered. Thus having received permission we hired the Sport (AŞ den Hakkı Başer Sport Complex). However on Friday evening even though we had received permission by the Governor beforehand, the Governor notified the organising committee that is was cancelled. Here, we are asking! Where are those liars who say that you can do anything without resorting to violence! Where are those Pharisee who say that they would never place obstacles in the paths of those that thought differently!

2-Before Friday morning, despite having informed the Governor of the background and identities of each speaker, houses of speakers Ercan Tekinbaş, Musa Bayoğlu, ve Ali Dikici’s had been raided which have left speakers in a state of shock. Ercan Tekinbaş and Musa Bayoğlu have been arrested and are currently under interrogation.

3- And so according to the news, we will be suffocating Istanbul with blood (the reason for major upheaval). We bring our own children, partners and families here. To our loved ones and others, and to our Muslim brothers and sisters we have given invitations. How is it that such nonsense can be said, we find it very difficult to comprehend!

4-For our brothers who have been arrested, there has speculation that they are part of a terrorist organisation. These are all lies. Statements have been made about supposed plans for a bombing. However after having searched the houses and work offices of 200 people there was no findings of guns, bombs or any kind of ammunition. So, how is this conflict going to be explained! Inevitably we will hold this to account one day! Because the dignity and honor of the Muslim is very precious and important. Even though it is hard for those who lack dignity and honor to understand, surely one day all their accounts will be given in the presence of Allah سبحانه وتعالى.

5-Another ridiculous claim is that some people have been to Indonesia so that they may be trained with bombs and that upon their return they have been arrested.

On Tuesday in Indonesia’s Capital Jakarta, where tens of thousands of Muslims and Ulema will have joined and after having received legal permission to attend, the “International Ulema conference”, our since Muslims in an attempt to do good had set foot on their journey. All these people are outstanding figures who are well known through their reputation as author’s. Their average age is over 40. How is it that with such groundless and false news that they will fit a cap on a minaret! Are they this resourceful? Together we will see. Or if this media still has any dignity and honor they will take this media release into account and will do what they should be doing.

Finally, we would like to specify this. We are Muslims. If there is anyone that can indicate otherwise then come forth with your reasons. We are waiting for you. However we believe our brothers and sisters are still those that believe in Allah سبحانه وتعالى, His سبحانه وتعالى’s beloved prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and have the requirements of emaan, but yet think differently to us. As the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم has said, “A Muslims blood and property is Haram to another Muslim”. A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, he does not wrong his Muslim brother and does not leave him helpless. This is our slogan.

Everything that has been reflected in the media is just for the purpose of news. By inserting words such as terror, bombs etc between a circle of Muslims shows that they are trying to prevent the strengthening of Muslim relations. We are against the wrong-doers and their stooge and because of this we send out our cries and we ask that one day they will perish with this. In addition, to the relationships we have built and the brotherhood we have established, we ask our brothers to not fall for this sly game being played. We would also like to remind the wrong-doers that they will surely see the response to all these pressures, false news, and arrests, in which they will see yet again our perseverance, belief and conviction, which will only increase our determination and nothing else.

“Wrong-doers soon shall know with what revolution, they will topple under”

Source: KöklüDeğişim

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