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Social Collapse is One of the Bitter Fruits of the Capitalist System!

Antidepressant use per capita in Türkiye increased by 76 percent in 12 years. In the last 2 years, sales increased by 10 million boxes. Sales of 49 million 857 thousand boxes of antidepressants in 2019 increased to 54 million 625 thousand boxes in 2020 and 59 million 641 thousand boxes in 2021.

In fact, these figures are a small glimpse of how deep the social collapse is. The economic crisis, which has deepened and condemned hundreds of thousands of households to poverty, has turned the psychological balance of the country upside down. Certain negativities such as the increase in unemployment, poverty and destitution, the decrease in purchasing power, the depreciation of the lira, the increase in food and fuel prices have seriously deteriorated people’s mental health. There is no trust and peace among people anymore. It is quite rare to see happy people in the society. This bad trend has caused some psychological traumas in people. Naturally, such distrust pushes people to use antidepressants. Experts say that the increase in antidepressant use has reached alarming levels in terms of public health. People have begun to look for remedy and happiness in such pills. In fact, it is capitalism rather than these pills that numbs people. It takes away their ability to reason and think.

However, it was not possible to see this negative picture before. This society was very happy just a century ago. It was a dignified and honorable society. The mental health of the society was not broken. The grandfathers of this society were conquering countries and continents to please their Creator and to make Islam, in which they believed, dominant on earth. They were taking the banner of Islam across the oceans. This was because the rulings of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, the Owner of man, life and the universe, were being implemented on that society. When the implementation of the Sharia rulings was abolished, man’s bond with his Creator was broken, and with the implementation of capitalism and liberal “values” on society, spiritual, intellectual, moral and material collapses followed. This has led to the highest levels of unrest and unhappiness.

Because capitalism has constantly consumed the human being. Not only has it impoverished the human being materially, it has also pauperized and impoverished him humanly and morally. It has left him with nothing in the name of measure and quality. The capitalist system does not tire of producing new ones, it continues to corrupt society, dehumanize people, disidentify people, in short, destroy everything about the human being and consume the human being. Because this is what capitalism does. Because capitalism has affected not only Muslims but the whole of mankind, it has taken everything from them in terms of human values. It killed the human being. It stole his personality, his character, his morality, and turned him into the lowest of the low. It dehumanized the human being. It made the human forget his humanity and his Creator. It grinded the human being like a mill, so to speak, and left nothing in the human being in the name of humanity.

In the meantime, under the name of personal freedoms, it gave the human being the freedom to do whatever he wants. It made the human being rebellious against his Creator. It has dragged humankind to extinction. It has destroyed the soul, the self, the personality, the individuality of the human being. It made the human being a monster. It tore altruism and generosity from him. It has made the human being stingy and selfish. It grinded down the side of preferring his Muslim brother over his own self. It has demonized the human being by prioritizing material benefits, position, fame and the things that people are most deceived by and they desire the most. It has taken peace and happiness away from the human being. It has destroyed people’s mental health. It has changed the factory settings of the human beings. Therefore, it is not strange that suicides, immorality, psychological trauma and crime rates are high all over the world.

Therefore, capitalism, which has a corrupted structure, has left the mankind with a world full of economic destructions, crises and wars. Capitalism has no positive value left to offer to the mankind. Capitalism has gone bankrupt and its brain death has occurred. Just as in the past, the mankind found a way to destroy the systems that dehumanized the human being, to establish a world order, and to come out of very dark times, today it will undoubtedly find a way out of this situation and find a way to make the human being honorable and noble, to raise them from the animalistic level to the level of humanity, to remind them of their humanity, to return them to their factory settings and to establish a new world order. This way is surely Islam. Islam’s system of life. Just as it brought the humankind out of darkness into the light in the past, it is undoubtedly capable of doing so again today. It is destined to do so.

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