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Selling the Country is the only Policy of the Tunisian Government

Day after day, it becomes clear to every observer of the public affairs that the only policy the state intends to embark on to address the economic and financial crisis is to sell the country’s property to the colonial companies under the false name of “reforming public institutions”. Their pretext in doing that is that these are failing institutions that become a burden on the budget and must be disposed of!

The government (through media and electronic websites) started promoting this sale as the only solution. The head of the government, Youssef Chahed, admitted before Parliament the failure of his government to come out from the economic and financial crisis, but he claimed that the failure was due to disabling the “major reforms” that were approved by the Ministerial Council. He announced that he and his government were determined to proceed with the application of what he claimed were “major reforms” whatever the political price he would pay. The government’s speech and its media policy come in the context of preparing the public opinion to accept the implementation of the conditions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) regarding the abandonment of public institutions, which the government has already committed to implement in return for applying for more loans. These are the solutions offered by international banking experts who have been appointed as advisors and ministers in successive governments to address the financial crisis in Tunisia.

The crushing economic and financial crisis, the high cost of living that drains our people in Tunisia, the collapse of the value of the dinar, and the constriction of people’s work with Haram taxes, and so on, are all the bitter harvest of decades of implementation of the capitalist system and the thinking within this system that is incapable of dealing with people’s problems and providing decent welfare for them. Rather, they are the inevitable result of the full compliance with the deadly International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) recipe: (The lifting of subsidies – the reduction of government spending on health, education, water, and other interests of the people – privatization of the institutions of the state, especially the profitable ones, to enable capitalist companies to plunder the wealth of the country). The purpose of the International Monetary Fund’s recipe is to qualify the country to pay riba-based loans; the instrument of perpetual servitude!!

O Muslims:

A regime founded by colonialism will only be a servant of the colonizer, a guardian of companies that plunder your wealth and fight anyone who seeks to liberate the country or attempt to expose the “fake independence” conventions. Such a regime would not hesitate to sell the property of its people from public companies (as it had squandered the underground wealth in the past), and it would not blink an eye as it lies and decorates the sale as self-decisions that has nothing to do with external dictates.

A regime that is unable to run its companies, reform its financial situation and fight corruption is incapable of leading a country without plunging it into debt and bankruptcy.

O Muslims:

Today, we are missing a state that cares about us and in a decent manner cares for our affairs, and that the imperative duty today is to create a true state, free from all kinds of colonial ties; a state that takes care of the interest of the Ummah in its decisions and adopts a political and economic system derived from its Islamic political doctrine.

And know that this duty is an obligation (Fardh) that is enjoined by Allah (swt) on all Muslims, especially those who are capable from the people of power and influence so as not to waste the present Ummah and the future of its generations at the hands of the losers and agents.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Tunisia

Friday, 12th Rajab 1439 AH

30/03/2018 CE

Issue No.: 16/1439