Regarding the Events at Boulaaba in Tunisia

Following a heinous crime which claimed the lives of four members of the National Guard in the town of Boulaaba, in the governorate of Kasserine, and as we pray for mercy for the victims and offer our condolences to their families and loved ones, we emphasize the following:

1. Hold the authorities responsible for the blood of the victims, and in particular that it was repeated almost in the same place and with this ease.

2. It is obvious that what is happening in the Islamic countries, including Tunisia, is in the context of a plan to destroy the military or security strength or other, such as to prevent any effort for its obligatory liberation and necessary unity, so how can we explain the silence on this horrible regional plot?

3. Previously, many security officials, headed by the former Interior Minister, stated that foreign countries are involved in terrorist acts in Tunisia and there are infinite reports in this regard, so where is the follow-up…? Where is the seriousness in exposure?

Or is it intended for terrorism to remain a current account for political views… and to become a political capital invested by the agents and the country marketed for foreign custody and pave it for dictatorship again under the pretext of terrorism…?

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Tunisia

Friday, 1st Jumada I 1436 AH

20/02/2015 CE

Issue No: 02/2015