Analysis, South Asia

Pakistan Headlines – 5 Dec 2015


  • Peace with Occupiers of Kashmir is Treachery
  • Regime Seeks to Secure American Crusader Presence in Afghanistan Through Negotiations
  • End Cycle of More Interest Based Loans followed by Increased Taxation
  • Deportees Crisis is Due to Economic and Political Failure of Regime

Peace with Occupiers of Kashmir is Treachery

Officials have given weight to the brief talks between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi on 30 November on the sidelines of a climate summit in Paris helped to ease the tense atmospherics of bilateral relations. According to TV channel reports, Prime Minister Sharif said that “talks with PM Narendra Modi were good. Doors of dialogue should open”. Mr Sharif told Mr Modi that “we have lots of concerns in Pakistan about terrorist activities and that we need to talk about it”.

It is the Raheel-Nawaz regime’s submissive stance to India that has bolstered Indian aggression against Muslims, whether in the recent border tensions or previous ones. Since the Clinton era, the regime’s master, America, has wanted to exploit Pakistan to win over India to its sphere of influence, with the promise of the permanent burial of the Kashmir issue, enhancing India’s presence in Afghanistan, strengthening India’s economy by gaining access to the Muslims’ huge market and the reduction of the military capabilities, including nuclear weapons in general and tactical nuclear weapons specifically.

The Raheel-Nawaz regime’s so-called ally America keeps open the doors of Afghanistan to the target of its aspirations, India, who now enjoys unprecedented influence within Afghanistan and the opportunity to create chaos within our borders. For its part, the Raheel-Nawaz regime is acting as a guard to the American-Indian nexus in Afghanistan, by militarily striking at any resistance from the tribal regions and politically herding Taliban into negotiations to trap the resistance in a diplomatic maze. Moreover, India breathed a sigh of relief as Kashmir was abandoned and our armed forces are now ensnared in America’s war of Fitna, as made clear in General Raheel’s revision to the army’s military doctrine in the Green Book.

Only the Khilafah upon the method of the Prophethood will work seriously to end the occupation of Muslim Lands in Kashmir or any other place. It will work to practically unify the Muslims as one state and one effective force. It will deal with hostile nations on a war footing.


Regime Seeks to Secure American Crusader Presence in Afghanistan through Negotiations

The Raheel-Nawaz regime announced on 1 December that it was making a renewed effort, in collaboration with the United States and China, to revive the stalled Afghan reconciliation process. “Pakistan… would like to make renewed efforts to resurrect the peace and reconciliation process. Since it has to be an Afghan-led process, we are confident that the Afghan government and the Taliban would step forward with concrete ideas and proposals and engage in meaningful reconciliation talks… Pakistan is prepared to extend its full support and assistance in promoting any such initiative,” said a statement issued by the Foreign Office and attributed to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Although the statement called for “a quadrilateral initiative to restart the reconciliation process”, it emphasised the role of the US and China as “vital partners”.

There is a convergence of Chinese and American interests over Afghanistan. The Obama administration knows that it is struggling to pacify Afghanistan and has opened the door for Beijing to play a greater role in exhorting Pakistan to strike deal between Ashraf Ghani and the Taliban. China needs stability in its regions to stabilize the East Turkestan resistance and also to allow trading within its region. As for the Raheel-Nawaz regime it has two key roles to play in this endeavor. First, Islamabad must lean heavily on the Taliban to negotiate a compromise deal, and second the long awaited counter insurgency operations by the Pakistani army have to be completed. The National Action Plan for all intents and purpose is part of the counter insurgency plan, which Raheel Sharif has whole-heartedly adopted, while even his treacherous predecessors, Musharraf and Kayani, opposed when pressed by Washington.

So the Muslim Lands are an arena for foreign powers to secure their interests, with the currents rulers of Muslims striving to assist. The current scenario is a poignant reminder of the need of the Khilafah. Only the Khilafah upon the method of the Prophethood will strengthen the Muslim Lands by unifying them as one state and driving out the foreign powers who exploit its resources.


End Cycle of More Interest Based Loans followed by Increased Taxation

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that the Rs40 billion taxes imposed or added to the annual budget for the financial year 2015-16 will be spent on rehabilitation of internally displaced persons and various other purposes. “We have added taxes of Rs40bn to the 2015-16 tax receipt target keeping in view finalising important matters (related to the Zarb-i-Azb operation),” he said while talking to journalists on 1 December.

The government gives various excuses to justify increasing back breaking taxes, but never addressing the actual reason which is the current capitalist economic system. Capitalism hands over the large sources of revenue to private companies whether it is from public property such as energy and from state property such as large scale construction and telecommunications. This makes the state unable to secure funds for looking after the affairs. Adding to the woes of the people, the regimes in the Muslim World take loans from the colonialist institutions on interest. Not only has Pakistan been plunged into a debt trap due to interest, despite having paid the principle of loans many times over, the belligerent states that control the colonialist institutions impose conditions on Pakistan’s economy to prevent it from every becoming strong, including wholesale privatization and excessive taxation policies.

The soon to arrive Khilafah alone can end the cycle of more privatization, followed by more loans and then more taxation that Pakistan has suffered from. The Khilafah upon the method of the Prophethood alone will abolish capitalism and in its place establish the economy according to the firm footing of Islam. The Khilafah will end loans on interest and set a standard for the oppressed nations of the world who have been ravaged by interest based loans for decades. The Khilafah will generate large revenues from the Shariah mandated public ownership of mineral and energy sectors, as well as ensuring that the state is the dominant force in communications, transport and construction. This is asides from the Shariah mandated sources of revenue from agricultural and industrial production. Unlike Capitalism, Islam does not rely on taxation on income and consumption as a dominant means to generate revenue. Its revenue generation is based on accrued wealth beyond the basic needs, as well as upon actual production. Even when the Khilafah does tax, it is with stringent conditions that are based upon accumulated wealth, so it does not penalize poor and under privileged who are unable to secure their basic needs.


Deportees Crisis is Due to Economic and Political Failure of Regime

The authorities sent back on 4 December 2015 a plane with deported migrants from Greece after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) found 30 passengers onboard to have been illegally deported from the European country. On the orders of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, the FIA had stopped the ‘unverified deportees’ from disembarking after the chartered flight landed at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport. Clashes erupted on the Greek-Macedonian border on 2 December 2015 when Macedonian riot police fired tear gas to repel up to 1,000 mostly Pakistani migrants trying to force their way across a newly erected border fence, a Reuters witness said. Last year, about 21,000 living there without permission were ordered to return to Pakistan, according to EU statistics.

The deportees and repatriation crisis in not merely an issue of defective documentation for it runs deeper to the pitiful state of Pakistan under capitalism. It is no secret to anyone with vision and insight that the brain and labour drain is due to political corruption in Pakistan and its resulting economic corruption. Thus, Muslims migrate to the West in search of an opportunity to utilize their creative minds or sweat of their brows for material gain. Currently, there are more than ten million Pakistanis living outside Pakistan, five million of them live in the West. According to official sources, in 2013 alone, more than 300,000 of the educated, degree holders, experienced and highly skilled personnel left Pakistan to work abroad, most of them to the West.  So, the main reason behind the Muslim brain and labour drain to the West is the existence of man-made regimes, whose sole purpose is to plunder the wealth of Muslims for the benefit of their Western masters, and to fill their own pockets and bank accounts. These regimes are not concerned about the production of wealth and development in the Muslim countries, which are full of resources and experts. Though, if these regimes had followed this approach, the Muslim world would have been the leading countries in various industries. However, these regimes are nothing more than outposts to covet and monopolize the Ummah’s riches, so that they are looted by the multinational Western companies, or they are brokers for other Western companies whose markets are empty and hungry for everything in the Muslim countries.