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Meeting with a bloody murderer creates blood on the hands, O Erdoğan!

President Erdoğan is going to Sochi on August 5 to meet with Russian leader Putin. Erdoğan and Putin will discuss the grain corridor, the Ukraine-Russia war, Turkey’s possible Syria operation and the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. (03.08.2022

Erdoğan will meet with Putin for the 5th time in Sochi. The last Sochi meeting of the two leaders took place on September 29, 2021. He will meet with Putin for the second time in 17 days. Despite the 10-point Sochi Agreement signed by Erdoğan and Putin in 2019, Russia continues to slaughter Muslims in Idlib. 7 people, including 4 children, were killed in an airstrike carried out by Russia on the Jisr ash-Shugur district of Syria on July 22. Erdoğan will most likely meet with Putin, the butcher covered in Muslim blood and who can’t get enough of blood like a vampire, in Sochi, to realize American interests or to convey America’s message.

Putin is aware that Erdoğan is sent by his master, the United States, to humiliate and demote him. That’s why Putin repeatedly humiliated Erdoğan in their meetings because Erdoğan is not his equal. For example, Erdoğan was always welcomed at the governor’s level during the Sochi meetings. The moments when he was kept outside for 2 minutes before being admitted to the official meeting room in the Kremlin to meet with Putin on March 5, 2020 were broadcast on Russian state television. It must have been a retaliation for this, as the moments when Erdoğan made Putin wait for 50 seconds at the summit held in Tehran, the capital of Iran, which was widely broadcast on international media. It seems that Erdoğan, knowing that he will be humiliated, cannot get enough of being humiliated by going to Sochi in line with the instructions from the United States. Presumably, Putin will avenge Erdoğan for keeping him waiting in Tehran.

It is really interesting that Erdoğan met with Putin, whom America describes as a “bandit”, a “killer dictator” and a “war criminal”. Erdoğan’s meeting with such a person is most likely only done with the consent of the United States. The US wants Russia to withdraw from Syria. In foreign intelligence-sourced sites, media outlets and news are stated by anonymous “military circles” that “Russia, stuck in Ukraine, is willing to sacrifice its military presence in Syria.” Erdoğan is trying to persuade Putin to withdraw from Syria in these talks. In fact, these are tours of persuasion rather than summits. The fact that Syria is among the agendas to be discussed in Sochi proves this.

Anyone who meets with the murderer will definitely get blood from the hands of the murderer. Russia slaughtered Muslims in Chechnya and Syria, and it still continues to do so. It is impossible to not to get the blood of a Muslim on the hands of the person shaking hands with such a bloody person. Erdoğan either doesn’t know this, or he has to meet with the bloody-handed murderer in line with an instruction from someone he can’t resist under the pretext of national interests (US interests) even though he knows.

There is only one answer that can be given to the Russian killer. And that will be war. It is to avenge the Muslim blood he has shed in Syria and elsewhere. But unfortunately, it is not expected that a person like Erdoğan, who acts on the orders of his master, will avenge the Muslims. Because his master is also a Muslim murderer. It has slaughtered innocent Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other Islamic countries, either directly or with unmanned aerial vehicles, and it continues to do so.

Only the Khilafah (Caliphate) State can avenge the blood of Muslims from both Russia and the US. Because according to the Khilafah, the blood of a Muslim is more valuable than the destruction of the Ka’bah stone by stone and the destruction of the whole world. The Messenger of Allah (saw) said:

«لَزَوَالُ الدُّنْيَا أَهْوَنُ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ مِنْ قَتْلِ رَجُلٍ مُسْلِمٍ»

“The extinction of the whole world is less significant before Allah than killing a Muslim man.” (Nisa’i and Tirmidhi)

Ercan Tekinbaş