Jamaat buried Neighbor, an Orthodox man who had no Family

Sarajevo Times

The locals gathered today in a place Rastalica, in the municipality of Hadžići, prepared and conducted the funeral of the neighbor Milan Lalušića, who died and who had no family.

Congregation, led by Imam Muamer Mrkonja and the president of the local community Hazret Subasic, performed all the preparations for the funeral of the Orthodox neighbor who died in the age of 69.

150310030.3_mnMilan spent his life in Raštelica as a dear friend and neighbor, and the congregation expressed the need to show honor in this way. Also, friends did not forget that Milan contributed and participated in the construction of the mosque.

“There was a great number of people at the funeral, generally Muslims, who dug the grave, provided transportation of the deceased and paid all the honors to their neighbor,” said Imam Muamer for the newspapers Preporod.

Lalušić did not have any family or close relatives, but with this act of burial he left behind a large family, the residents Rastalica. After the funeral, Imam Muamer hosted Orthodox clergy who attended the funeral and expressed praise for this neighborly act.

(Source: klix)