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Is it not time for the Regime in Jordan, who waged war against Allah, His Messenger and the Muslims in the Wadi Araba Agreement, to be ashamed of itself and cut off their relations with the monstrous Jewish entity – the enemy of Allah and the Ummah?!

The regime in Jordan had previously abdicated Al-Baqoura, Al-Ghamr, Umm al-Rashrash, Wadi Araba lands, and relinquished the West Bank and Al-Quds by the decision to disengage them administratively and legally. This was preceded by the regime’s silence over the entry of Jewish forces into these territories in 1950. As was preceded and followed by close cooperation and negotiations with the Jewish entity and its secret and public leaders over the decades during which the blessed land of Palestine was handed over to the Jews in mock conspiracies, in which Arab regimes participated, which eventually led to the treaties of humiliation, concession and recognition of the monstrous entity of the Jews, beginning with Madrid and Oslo, not only to enable the Jewish entity to retain occupied Jordanian territory – in the name of leasing it – but to normalize relations and to conclude economic and security deals, with the latest – but not least – being the gas agreement and the Bahrain Canal, as well as to continue to welcome Jewish leaders publicly without shame, in light of the continuing attacks by Jews on the people of Jordan and Palestine, and repeated attacks against Al-Aqsa Mosque, until the red lines set by the regime for the sake of the Jews and vanished have become countless, and with every waiver they put a new red line, the latest being only to guard the sanctities!

Since the end of the state of war and the choice of peace with the Jewish entity and recognition of the Wadi Araba Convention, that is, about twenty-five years ago, it has become clear that the regime is keen on satisfying the Jews and serving them, despite the rejection of the people and all its activities against the fake peace situation and actual surrender to it. The so-called peace did not come with goodness – any goodness – for the Ummah, but corruption pervaded all levels, and sovereignty of the state and the regime were humiliated many times by the Jews, whether it was through the incident of the embassy and the assassination of Jordanian nationals and the smuggling of the Jewish murderer, or the killing of the Jordanian judge without any significant response, and accepting the return of the Jewish ambassador after the case had cooled, as well as the reception of the Prime Minister of the Jews and the leader of the Labor Party recently in a visit whose details are unknown. Relations with the Jews are kept secret and with conspiracy from the regime itself, as evident by the Prime Minister Omar al-Razaz who distanced himself when he was asked two days ago by the Youth Gathering about Al-Baqoura and Al-Ghamr, he replied that this is related to Jordan’s foreign policy, as if the government has nothing to do with Jordan’s foreign policy regarding the entity of Jews (or others), except decorating the actions of the regime!!

Our People in Jordan:

This is not a matter of canceling the lease of the lands of Al-Baqoura, Al-Ghamr and others, even if it was supposed to be so, neither is it a matter of canceling the entire Wadi Araba agreement with the Jewish entity – your enemy and the enemy of the Ummah, which is a clear violation of the legitimate provisions (Ahkam Shar’iah) in relation to the usurper enemy, even if it is a priority to force the regime to do so, but the issue is that Al-Baqoura, Al-Ghamr and the lands of Wadi Araba are completely occupied territories like Al-Quds and Haifa, by the Jews, and their restoration is a top obligation on Muslims, no matter the sacrifices made.

Resorting to the International Legitimacy, which the regime clings to and demands through it the two-state solution, is to resort to the tyrant and resort to the colonial Kaffir headed by America and Europe, who are committed to the survival of the Jewish entity and extend its life and aggression. It is also a resort to the enemies which cannot lead to the liberation of the Muslim lands as long as these regimes are crouching down and treat their people as if they are the enemy, arresting the honorable and chasing the free and shutting the mouths, and as we can see, many years have passed yet the treaties with the Jews did not bring any good, only humiliation and more killing, displacement and corruption in all Muslim lands.

The establishment of diplomatic relations with Jews means the recognition of their occupation to the first Qiblah and the renunciation of all of Palestine, and it means the support of the most hostile to Allah and to those who believe, Allah (swt) says: لَتَجِدَنَّ أَشَدَّ النَّاسِ عَدَاوَةً لِّلَّذِينَ آمَنُوا الْيَهُودَ “Thou wilt surely find that, of all people, the most hostile to those who believe [in this divine writ] are the Jews”. [Al-Ma’idah: 82]

And showing affection for them is a crime and betrayal of Allah (swt) and His Messenger and the believers, forbidden in Islam, Allah (swt) says: يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا لَا تَتَّخِذُوا عَدُوِّي وَعَدُوَّكُمْ أَوْلِيَاءَ تُلْقُونَ إِلَيْهِم بِالْمَوَدَّةِ “O ye who believe! Take not my enemies and yours as friends (or protectors),- offering them (your) love”. [Al-Mumahinah: 1]

O Muslims:

We in Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah of Jordan, are calling upon your mettle and your resolve in supporting the Deen of Allah, for you have strength which if united, you will change this reality, and your enemies will see you as a force to be reckoned with. The restoration of Al-Baqoura, Al-Ghamr and the blessed land of Palestine and Al-Quds can only be done by taking the real legal, practical and sovereign procedure, which is to pressure the regime to cancel the Wadi Araba treaty and cut all relations with the entity of the Jews, be in a state of war with them, and mobilise the armies to restore all occupied territories, وَاقْتُلُوهُمْ حَيْثُ ثَقِفْتُمُوهُمْ وَأَخْرِجُوهُم مِّنْ حَيْثُ أَخْرَجُوكُمْ “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out” [Al-Baqara: 191]; Our armies have the ability to do this and have the equipment and the courage to do more than this. We also remind you to work with us to regain your rapacious power and work with us to return the Righteous Khilafah State (Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood that is ruled by a Caliph behind whom we fight and who acts as a shield and protector to the Muslims.

وَمَنْ أَحْسَنُ مِنَ اللّهِ حُكْمًا لِّقَوْمٍ يُوقِنُونَ

“Who is better than Allah for judgment to a people who have certainty (in their belief)?”

[Al-Ma’idah: 50]


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Jordan

Sunday, 12th Safar 1440 AH

21/10/2018 CE

No: 1440 / 04