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Innocent Muslims Fleeing the Persecution of Bullying and Murderer Rulers are Sacrificed for Elections

The Directorate of Migration Management of the Ministry of Interior reported that 124,441 irregular migrants were deported last year, and 58,758 Syrians voluntarily returned to the safe zones created in northern Syria. (03.01.2023 Sondakika)

Thousands of refugees, who risked their lives and crossed the mountains, who risked their lives on the barbed wire fences built on the colonial Sykes-Picot artificial borders, who sought refuge in a supposedly safe country by escaping from the persecution in their country, or who hoped to reach a decent life by escaping from economic troubles, were made election materials by the materialistic and pragmatist rulers of Turkey as part of the election atmosphere in Turkey. Syrian “irregular immigrants” who left their homes, loved ones and countries to survive, to avoid torture and inhumane treatment, are sent back to the hell of the tyrant and butcher Assad, just to get the votes of secular and nationalists.

Acting with the motto “There is no resentment in politics”, the spineless rulers in Turkey want to send innocent and oppressed Muslims, one of the main elements of the country, back to hell, in order to get a few votes. They normalize with the butcher and murderer rulers, who have been offended by the public for years, but with whom they spoke through intelligence services from behind the scenes, who turned into the “murderer Assad” from “my brother Assad” and who will soon turn into “my brother” again. The spinelessness of agents and treacherous rulers who do not look from the perspective of the Islamic ideology, who follow tidal politics in line with the conjuncture or the directives of their masters, is evident in their every action and state. The fact that they constantly follow a chameleon-like policy is the most obvious indicator of their spinelessness.

This statement of the Ministry of Interior and the Erdogan regime’s meeting with the tyrannical Assad regime in Russia under the mediation of the invading Putin regime, the announcement that there may be a meeting between the top leaders in the future, are a lifeline for the Erdogan regime, which has lost its popularity due to the economic crisis and which is in a very difficult situation in his country. These are also statements and actions made to take the immigrant’s trump card out of the hands of the opposition. It is inhumane, and it doesn’t fit into Muslimhood, to throw the Syrian refugees, by whom they were called Ansar, into the arms of the executioner to get a few votes, or to please the ally nationalist segment, or to use the oppressed and oppressed people as a tool of political pressure to extort money from Europe. But since the only concern of the secular and capitalist regimes in Islamic countries, which have not had their share of humanity, is to stay in power and protect their seats, there is nothing they won’t do, as long as what they do leads to getting votes and credits.

These lands are the lands of the Muslims, not the lands of ruler A or B or such or such nationality. Therefore, no ruler or political party has the right and authority to expel the Muslims, who are the main elements of these lands, from their lands. The job of the rulers is only to manage the affairs of people in the best way. Protecting their lives and property is among their missions, not endangering them.

The king of Abyssinia, who did not hand over the Muslims who took refuge in Abyssinia to the infidel Quraysh, escaping from the persecution of the Quraysh, exhibited such behavior while he was a kafir. It is against the Islamic belief that the rulers who say they are “Muslims”, are expelling or deporting their “Muslim brothers” from their own lands as if they were the owners of this land.

The Prophet (saw) said in a hadith:

«المُسْلِمُ أخُو المُسْلِمِ لا يَظْلِمُهُ ولَا يُسْلِمُهُ»

A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, nor should he hand him over to an oppressor.” (Bukhari)

Ercan Tekinbaş