Apr 25th
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Muslim Community Leaders Blast Peacekeepers in CAR


Nick Long

BANGUI — Four young Muslims were killed in the Central African Republic capital Bangui over the weekend, among them a son and a brother of an important community leader, the mayor of the city's 3rd Arrondissement, or district. Their friends and relatives are asking why international peacekeepers are not permanently stationed on the frontline between their community and a neighboring hostile district.


CAR Muslims Ready to Leave Diamond Mining Town

VOA BANGUI — Peacekeepers and aid groups are trying to ease tensions between Christians and Muslims in a diamond mining area of the Central African Republic. The town ...

Conflict in Central African Republic destroying Muslim-Christian marriages

Today's Zaman BANGUI, Central African Republic — The door is unhinged, the rooms are bare, signs of that afternoon when Christian vigilantes arrived at Henriette Oumpo...

Central African Republic: Plan to Resettle 1,000 Muslims Inside CAR

All Africa Paoua — In a bid to save lives, aid organizations in the Central African Republic (CAR) are planning what is set to be their first attempt to resettle a Mus...

Central African Republic 'no longer safe for Muslims'

The Week UN calls for action after three-quarters of the capital city's mosques were destroyed by Christians TWO decades after the Rwandan genocide in which up to a mil...
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