Hizb ut-Tahrir Tunisia’s Stance on the Elections

Some are conferring in the media that Hizb ut Tahrir rejects elections all together; calling to create a bleak picture of the party while they are the ones who are fleeing from every ideological struggle with it!!

The clear, frank and articulate answer is: Hizb ut Tahrir since its establishment and from the first book it adopted confirmed that it adopts elections as a style to choose the head of State, the People’s Assembly (Majlis ul Ummah), and Wilayah assemblies and other councils; elections without torsions and quotas nor tutelage or dictates. The articles of the draft constitution proposed by Hizb ut Tahrir are brimming with the mention of elections, its Ta’seel (principles of jurisprudence), Tafseel (details), Tanzeel (revelation) and procedures.

The Hizb had the precedence in an intellectual and political presentation that embodies the principle of “the Sultan (authority) is for the Ummah”, essentially, not falsely and without disguise; in addition, the Ummah holds the rulers accountable, as an obligation, and they have the right to establish political parties in accordance with its Constitution…

So let the small-minded and the ill hearted openly admit if they have any ideology or alternative or else be deemed as those whose rants feeding on backbiting and gossip, have caused major headaches.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Tunisia

Thursday, 5th Safar 1436 AH

27/11/2014 CE

Issue No: 30/2014