Hizb ut Tahrir, The Netherlands Pro-Islam Sticker Campaign

Hereby, we would like to keep you updated on our latest news regarding the #PROISLAM activity of Hizb ut Tahrir the Netherlands.

Due to the anti-islamsticker of Geert Wilders, where he printed derogatory statements against Islam, our beloved Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and the noble Qur’an, we started a countrywide Pro-Islam campaign by distributing Pro-Islam stickers with the Islamic creed on it. Thereby, we have requested the Muslims to make a ‘Selfie’ along with the sticker and to spread it through social media. Together with this sticker action, we also distributed leaflets in the mosques throughout the country with the notice that this anti-Islam sticker is not an accident but a result of a climate of hate which has been created by the political establishment, whereby the removal of the law on blasphemy (which was already dead for ages) and the concept of freedom of speech creates space to the politicians to insult Islam and her holy values. And that these constant insults in an attempt to silent the Muslims needs to be challenged.

We can truly confirm that the Muslim community has received our initiative with open arms and we have received a lot of requests for the stickers. A lot of people have also offered their support and help to spread this sticker together with us in their own region. This action also caught the attention outside the borders. Muslims from in Belgium, England, Denmark, Turkey, Indonesia, Australia and the USA have contributed to this action by sending a ‘Selfie’ and others showed their support for this action by leaving a video message.

This Pro-Islam sticker action is an initiative for us as Muslims to always be pro-active to protect and propagate our Islamic values and to form a front to shield against these insults. Thereby, we started a campaign under the motto: “De Boodschap van Islam”. We call upon the Muslims to join us during this campaign in order to create unity within and inviting non-Muslims to Islam. Due to the current political climate; the role of media in feeding islamophobia, creating a split between communities and the ascendant idea that religion is backwards, lead to a distorted view of Islam. We will show during this campaign that the authenticity of Islam can be proven through rational proofs and that the way forward can only be through Islam. We will put focus on the rational proofs from Islam and learn these arguments to the Muslims during our lectures, seminars and other activities, so they can convey the da’wa towards non-Muslims.

Finally, we would like thank everybody who has contributed to this Pro-Islam action with their support and help.

Hizb ut Tahrir, The Netherlands


25 Safar 1435 H.

Webpage: www.hizb.nl

Campaign page “de Boodschap van Islam”: www.deboodschapvanislam.nl