Middle East

From a dawah carrier in Aleppo, Syria on his quest to re-establish the Khilafah

To those in the hotels we say:

‘History is not made by cowards, or by those who are incompetent, living in despair or those who are agents’.

History is not made except by the believing heroes and they are those who are ready to face the nations of the world in their entirety just as the Ansaar were ready to do so when they told the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم that they were pledging allegiance to him even if it meant losing their wealth, killing their honoured leaders or that it meant that they would fight all of the Arabs.

Whilst we were in Halab (Aleppo) we had a discussion with some of those who had doubts in regards to the capability of the revolution to win the struggle.

They would say: “We are not able! They will not allow this to happen! We are worn out and exhausted!”

So we said to them: If the residents of Dar’aa thought as you do then the revolution would not have begun and we would have remained for another 40 years in humiliation, subjugation and the worship to other than Allah.

Look to where we are now, in the heart of Halab discussing how we will liberate Damascus.

By strong Imaan and will we were able to achieve what we have and we have reached this whilst not possessing a bullet. Now we possess strength, experience and land by which we can move in and launch from.

When our revolution began the regime was in its full power and we were in our greatest weakness whilst now it is in the severest of weakness and we are in the greatest of strength so should we say after this that we are not able or capable?!

No woe to this thinking and you should be silent. You are thinking with the logic of the slave and not the thinking of the free when you state: They will not allow us or permit us to achieve victory.

Your enemy will never willingly permit for you to escape from it clutches and dominance so are you waiting for the impossible or should you proceed with the possible and the obligation that pleases Allah and realises your liberation?!

The revolutions do not stand up whilst there are weak people within it, or those who cling heavily to the earth or those who are raised with the culture of the slave and its mentality or from those who are looking for an easy way out. Rather those that make it stand up are the real men who believe in Allah and rely upon Him سبحانه وتعالى and have thrown away the life of subjugation and humiliation.