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France 24 Website Claims are False and Defamatory in a Miserable Attempt to Obscure the Peaceful Movement in the Liberated North

In a strange press report on the arrests and demonstrations that have taken place in the liberated areas for more than two months, France 24 observers surprised us with a set of deliberate lies that a channel like France 24 should not make unless its editors are still under the influence of the shock of the demonstrations that erupted in their crisis-ridden country. If we overlook the methodological mistakes in drafting the report, such as naming the rebelling villages and towns with different names, as they called them Al-A’tma instead of Atmeh, Deir Al-Hasan instead of Deir Hassan, Al-Sharara instead Al-Sahara, Al-Sarmada instead of Sarmadah, and Hamas instead of Hama, it was also mentioned that the commission controls areas in Al-Hasakah, which neighbor Aleppo and Hama, and both information is incorrect. We say: If we overlooked these methodological errors and pause to mention the sweeping lies in the report, where a fictional story has been woven about the events. Where the report defined Hizb ut Tahrir as “a local Islamic faction with fighters… The Hizb was not subject to harassment, but since last February it began to carry weapons… After its fighters opened fire on a security vehicle and killed one of its members, the crackdown began!” Commenting on this fictional story, we say:

To begin with, Hizb ut Tahrir is not a local military faction, and it does not have fighters, as the report mentioned. Rather, it is a global political party, and it does not have an armed wing. Its members did not carry weapons last February, or in any other February! Moreover, the Hizb’s members were not subjected to harassment and arrest by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham only in these two months, as you mentioned, but rather for years prior, from the time when the leaders of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) decided to follow the Western project aimed at eliminating the revolution. As for this campaign of arrests, it did not start after the killing incident mentioned in the report, but rather before it. And the story that was mentioned in the report about the killing is the same story of the unknown masked man, Diaa al-Omar. As for the truth, you can get it by simply going to the streets in these rebelling villages and ask who you find there, not by repeating like a parrot what the liars narrated in their official media!

Finally, we say that if you want to write other press reports on the subject, you can describe the reality as it is without lying and distorting the facts. Otherwise, it is better for you to leave the colonized peoples from your evils, and be preoccupied with the crises that colonial France is suffering from.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Syria

Press Release
24 Dhu al-Hijjah 1444 – Wednesday 12th July 2023
No: 10 / 1444