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Condemning the Desecration of Quran by Ahok

As widely reported in the media and on YouTube, in front of the people of Thousand Islands, Ahok (Jakarta Governor) a while ago said, “If you cannot vote for me, because you are cheated by the Quran Surah Al Maidah verse 51, that sorts of things. If you ladies and gentlemen do not feel like to appoint me because you are afraid of hell, you are made like a fool, that’s fine.”

Ahok’s statement is clearly a blasphemy and an insult to the dignity and sanctity of the Quran. The Qur’an is the revelation of Allah that must be true and certainly will lead humanity to the guidance and the kindness. And conveying the truth of the Quran, especially verse 51 of Surah Al Maidah, as the basis for not appointing Kafir leaders is dawah, which is necessary for every Muslim that he can choose the right path according to the guidance of Islam. How can such noble deed be considered as ignorance by Ahok?

Regarding this matter, Hizb ut Tahrir Indonesia:

  1. Strongly condemn the blasphemy of the Quran made by Ahok as something totally unacceptable. Consciously, Ahok stated that people who do not vote for him because of Surah al Maidah verse 51 as people who are fooled. This means that Ahok has significantly called the Quran as a source of ignorance, and anyone who conveys the prohibition of appointing leaders on the basis of the verse is also referred by Ahok as having dumbed down.
  2. Demand the authorities to act immediately to investigate the actions of an insult to the Quran done by Ahok, and follow up reports on this matter that has been delivered by many components of people. When referring to Article 165 of Criminal Code and Law No.1 / PNPS / 1965 on Abuse Prevention and Religious Defamation, Ahok has legally and convincingly violated these rules so the authorities must take action.
  3. With the insults to Quran that was done by Ahok, it becomes clearer who Ahok really is, and this adds to the evidence how inappropriate Ahok is to lead Greater Jakarta Province who are predominantly Muslim.
  4. Call upon the Muslims in Jakarta in particular to firmly reject Ahok to be the next governor of Jakarta. And for those who still support him to immediately cease such supports because as Muslims we should be guided by the Quran that clearly prohibits Kafir as a leader. It is inappropriate for Muslim to support a Kafir candidate, let alone the person who has been proven to insult the Quran.

Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakiil, ni’mal maula wa ni’man nashiir


Muhammad Ismail Yusanto

Official Spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir in Indonesia

Mobile: 0811119796 Email: [email protected]

Thursday, 07th Muharram 1438 AH

06/10/2016 CE

Issue No: 01 / 1438